Brainwashing advice needed

Truly, this thread is worthless without pictures.

Tell your friend to re-enforce the brainwashing that was going on with his ex previous to this one: Christianity.

She’s a lesbian who preys on young, naive, confused girls. I’m gonna guess…no.

This is tough, man. The girl is allowed to make her own choices, even if they are stupid ones. She wants to join the She-Woman-Man Haters Club, that’s her choice.

This lady annoys me. I’m sure she’s got an answer for everything your buddy does, good or bad, so that it comes out bad. Takes her dinner? Buying her pussy. Holds the door? Thinks she’s weak. Buys her a dress? Wants his arm candy to look good. Things have to be kept secret because all men are too possessive to allow their girlfriends to have friends. But well, if the girlfriend wants to believe that over 4 good years of dating, what are you going to do?

If I was your friend, here’s what I’d do: email her back using his girlfriend’s email client/addy. Send the worstest, illest virus known to man attached to it SOME PICS OF ME HEEHEE. Make her addy spam and block with a pre-client spam blocker. Then track this hobag down, pour sugar in her gas tank, tell her to her face your dad is a police chief and your uncle works in construction and if the name Jimmy Hoffa rings a bell. Tell her she needs to pull this maneuver that she has no doubt pulled many times with whoever’s next. Crazy? Sure, but so is love.

Quick derailment*.

Where did this idea come from? I hold doors open for people all the time, but I only get black looks from a small percentage of females. First they try to destroy pleasant manners, then they complain that men are insensitive. It forces me to make more pithy, scathing remarks than is my due in life. I don’t enjoy it.

*I’ve always wanted to post this when derailing a thread, but I have not. Oh, wait…

I don’t hold doors open for women. I hold doors open for people, and I don’t do it for them, I do it for me. So if someone gets offended that I held a door open for them, fuck’em. It’s their problem and it sucks to be them.

edit: To many thems. Someone edit my post for me please.

Yeah, I hold doors open for everybody too. What’s the “liberated” way to do it? Let the door slam in their faces?

The right way to get the door for someone is to stop it with your foot, stand back, and shoot your hand down the back of their pants* to grab five knuckles worth of barest fanny as they pass.

*Whilst mouthing, “I’ll do you,” if eye contact was made.

When I was at Duke in the 80’s, that percentage was very high–at least 50%, maybe more. It broke me of the habit almost completely. My wife likes me to do it, though, so I make a conscious effort to get doors for her, especially on our nicer dates.

On the point of what the man should do concerning the young lady that has left him for an older woman.


Aww, guilty young 20 somethings. So silly.

I hate people who don’t hold doors. I’m a man. I hate people who don’t hold doors for me. Holdinga door open for someone is called not being an asshole.

No, you don’t have to wait 20 seconds for someone to walk through, but don’t be the type of dick who knows someone is walking a couple of steps behind them and lets the door slam on them nonetheless.

Do you hate people who hold it until you’re close and then give it a shove as they go through so you can catch it?

I hate doors. We should get rid of doors altogether and go back to hide flaps.

Don’t even think of holding that flap up for me either, motherfucker.

I think all doors should be automatic doors like star trek.

I’m definitely a door holder. I agree with Roger. Fuck those that don’t like it. My choice to hold it for you… asshole. :)

Ah, the pickup line that just can’t miss: “Hi. My last girlfriend turned into a raging man-hating lesbian.”

There’s a difference between holding a door open for someone, and making sure another person never has to open a door (by going ahead of them if necessary, and opening the door for them). The former is just common courtesy - the latter is now somewhat old-fashioned, and certainly would be odd in someone under, say, forty.

Well, say, if you are ahead of someone with a lot of stuff in their hands, a elderly person, a female with a baby/carrier thingy, etc… I’d certainly hold the door open for them and walk out after they have exited or held it open until they had entered…

Remember one elderly lady said that it was nice there were still gentlemen in the world.

The real problem here is the friend who was somehow brainwashed into thinking he needs a girlfriend at all before the age of 25.

How old are you again, Jafd? :)