Brand new Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty Server Opening

Link to AC homepage:

For $13, you get a month of playtime, the client, and your personal CD-key. The new server’s name is Verdantine.

I was always scared off from this game because, well, it’s been around forever. With a new server, everyone will be equal, (for a little while), and might make leveling up and such a much more “complete” experience.

Plus it’s only $13 to download… that doesn’t hurt too bad.

Anyone care to join me?

Interesting how AC is getting a new server, and a expansion pack while nothing is said about AC2.

Not really surprising to me. I don’t think sequels work in the MMOG world. Hard to sell a customer more-of-the-same if they are still enjoying the original. They get offered a few new bells and whistles in exchange for giving up characters that they have spent years developing. Really shocking that a lot of people take a pass on that deal.