Brexit, aka, the UK Becomes a Clown Car of the Highest Order


No deal Brexit by default it is, then.


Figured this was the best thread for this… I’ve no idea who these two personalities are (Will Self and Mark Francois) but I tend to think the author guy is correct in his assessment.

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This is a helpful chart from The Guardian.


Apparently the EU has given May an out on the backstop, but NI stays in, AKA the previous EU proposal…

We might be getting into the trolling phase of the negotiation.


This is not about trolling. This is about conquest.


A if by conquest you mean UK scoring an own-goal.





I’m confused - how would having Northern Ireland be, effectively, in the EU and the rest out be a good thing?


It would solve the NI border issue, and allow for the UK to make it’s own regulations and trade deals.
If that’s a good thing or not, guess it depends on the alternatives, my view is that the alternative that’s most likely is hard Brexit and a proper border in NI, hopefully not followed by what everyone fears…


That, plus it’s a deal the EU would actually agree to.


Bear in mind, this is the backstop to the backstop. It’s an alternative arrangement that would allow the mainland UK to leave the customs union if it wanted to and no FTA or other arrangement had been found.


But part of the UK would stay within the EU?

If so, then what is the point of leaving the EU?


£350 million a week for the NHS!


That’s the problem, you’re thinking logically. Not with your spleen like a true Brit.





Great Britain still gets to leave! :p

It’s one way to Make Britain Great Again.


I would have thought that any nationalist would declare Northern Ireland to be part of the country.

Throwing them out like this opens the door to letting everything else go, including the Falklands and Gibraltar.

So how on earth these so called make Britain great againists are for this…mind boggling.


NI Is part of the UK but not GB, Falklands/Gibraltar are both parts of GB & UK.

It was just a play on words.


It’s not like I’m an expert, but isn’t NI already a special case? Something about abortion rules for instance? It’s not like the backstop is declaring that NI leaves the UK…

Still, the DUP is against it, and that’s why HMG convinced the EU to include the entire UK on the backstop. Which of course, Parliament also doesn’t like, so…


Scotland is more devolved than NI, but NI is a special case in very many ways.

This gives a general overview: