Brexit, aka, the UK Becomes a Clown Car of the Highest Order


Yeah, those shitnozzles are currently on reddit and socmedia explaining why the car industry is going to die anyway so it doesnt matter if we lose it. All are literally wanking themselves silly over the thought of job losses. “Its what we voted for, we ran a campaign saying that this will cause job losses and screwed economy” they insist and swear blind in the face it happened. They are getting a kick out of inflicting pain and misery on other people at this point, they know they are wrong, what they have done but they dont care. The cult of Brexit is populated by psychos.


Thanks Brexiters, I really missed this.


It’s a good soundbite but when asked, none of them could define how it would work in practice.

Ditto control of our laws. None could name a single law that was imposed.

edit : someone mentioned bananas.

And none of the ones I asked could articulate what the good was or the bad.

When I asked, pointedly, where they had last gone on holiday (France) I asked if they had required a visa, had required lining up, or if they could just go easily.

Then I explained that that, right there, was a benefit of being in the EU and if we leave, there is no guarantee it stays because it is one of hundreds of things to be negotiated, so it is by no means a simple “get on with it” issue.


It’s actually worse than that, b/c if they really don’t want the EU to have any control over the UK, then they are never going to have the borderless/passportless/smooth vacations they have been enjoying. That’s because every single one of these things is reciprocal. You want to be able to enter France no hassle and lounge on a French beach no hassle? Then the French get to come to the UK and hang out in front of Buckingham palace or whateva. You want to be able to buy the stuff you want from EU countries with no tariff, no restriction, no queuing or waiting for approval? Then the EU folks get to buy the stuff they want from the UK same deal.

It’s like they don’t understand reciprocity, which is the foundation of the whole EU concept.

Almost makes me wonder that this is one of those “5 moral foundations” deals where the Brexiteers are just fundamentally unable to grasp the concept of reciprocity (which is highly tied into the Care/Harm and Fairness Foundations). I would not be surprised if the Brexiteers were all about the Authority, Liberty and Purity Foundations and apathetic to Care/Harm and Fairness. Which, since I’m not a moral relativist, means that I would think they are fundamentally immoral assholes.


What passportless vacations? Those in Ireland?


He probably means visa free, to be fair.


Yeah, but the EU has already committed to visa-free travel even in the case of a no-deal Brexit, unless the UK starts requiring visas from citizens of any EU country.


This is a non argument in my opinion since there is already an agreement for visa free travel after Brexit.

“UK citizens will not need to apply for a Schengen Visa like many other nationalities. On February 1, 2019, the European Council said: “EU ambassadors today agreed that, following Brexit, UK citizens coming to the Schengen area for a short stay (90 days in any 180 days) should be granted visa-free travel.””

Also, visa on arrival is no hardship either.


Indeed, in this case an agreement has been reached.

One down…

a few more hundred (?) to go, and all before March 29th.

Good progress.


Brexit wants to strip me of my right of EU residency. Thats more than enough of a reason to want it stopped for me.


I don’t know the details of Euro travel, being an unwashed American, but even in the case of the no-visa travel deal referenced above, doesn’t that mean, since the no-visa travel is reciprocal, that the UK has already agreed that even after Brexit, they will give up some control (the ability to require a Visa)? So even by reaching a single post-Brexit agreement, they’ve already ceded a fraction of 100% pure UK sovereignty on that issue?

The basic concept to me that is that the entire EU and all of its subsidiary benefits/agreements/what-have-you are reciprocal in nature and that means inherently for every single benefit the UK negotiates for, they give up that corresponding amount of control, unless the EU agrees to a double standard, “the UK can have its cake and eat it too” type of deal which seems both unworkable, and also just never going to happen politically.

Basically from my POV if you are a hardcore UK sovereignty uber alles no-outside-control type of person, then the only option is a full blown no-deal Brexit.

How do the Brexiteers imagine this works? They get to have full economic access to the EU on preferential terms but the EU gets no access to the UK except that which benefits the UK?

Again, I feel like the whole concept of reciprocity is lost on the Brexit faction.




It’s deals between countries, they don’t have to be fair and they’re driven by the relative power of each side.

It’s just that Brexiteers and the EU see the relative power of the EU / UK vastly differently. And what was promised to the people who voted for Brexit, it isn’t going to happen, no way, the EU will never accept it, even if the UK was truly essential and “they need us more than we need them” was true. The moment you give a former member a better deal than members get, it’s the moment current members start leaving en masse.


No No NO!

Boris and Farage told us it’d be easy, we’d get £350,000,000 back every week and we would use it for our hospitals.

Fox told us everyone would be beating a path to our door.

Impossible that they were wrong and that you are right!


He said: “These fantasies of release and liberation – they are fantasies. We are going to be negotiating on everything from aviation to farming for evermore with our biggest neighbour. We cannot live in glorious isolation. Talk to the Swiss and to the Norwegians – they live in a permanent state of negotiation with the EU.”


To be clear, there’s no agreement as such on visas (distinct from the WA). The UK government has indicated, but not so far as I’m aware legislated, that it will not require tourist visas for EU citizens. Conversely the EU has proposed (but not passed) legislation to similar effect, expressly conditional on the UK not imposing a visa requirement on any member state.


Exactly! So like everything else, there are proposals that haven’t been fully agreed upon or enacted :p


Well, some things have actually been agreed or unilaterally adopted. This just isn’t one of them, formally.

Meanwhile, Cox returns empty handed, to nobody’s surprise.


Here’s a version of that not behind a paywall:

“Both sides have exchanged robust, strong views.”


So the vote on the 12th. Does she lose this again? It feels like none of the ‘threats’ have really struck home.