Brexit, aka, the UK Becomes a Clown Car of the Highest Order


Also, you know, the treaties have in fact changed several times. About once every five years until recently, in fact, not counting minor protocols.


At some point Tusk is going to get the credit in the UK he deserves for being the only senior figure during the entire Brexit process who actually has been representing interests of the UK’s citizens. He isnt even one of us and he has done more than May/Corbyn.


Perhaps the ground will want to be friends?


Ha! Instead we keep seeing May’s deal return for vote after vote, and the only thing passing through our minds is “oh no, not again”.


Nothing passing so far. No deal. No no deal. No referendum. No indicative votes.


I am hoping Bercow loses his shit at some point and starts allowing votes on dissolving the UK or painting all streets pink, for the lols.


Wow I was really passing the Benn amendment to pass. 314-312. It doesn’t get much closer than that.

Alot of respect for the Wollaston amendment. No pussyfooting around, just “This is what we want”. Compare to the vagueness of the Labour amendment.

Of course the Wollaston amendment only got 85 votes… :(

EDIT: And the house is 2 -1 in favour of kicking the can as far down the road(*) as possible. There’s a surprise.

(*: Although of course the can kicking will depend on the EU going along with it)

EDIT2: Contrary to some of the reporting, the motion doesn’t specify the length of the extension UNLESS the May deal passes. This lets May threaten the ERG with a 21 month extension. That won’t persuade the DUP though, and she needs those votes too.


To be fair probably the most rational choice available right now. Buy time and figure out who is going to be in charge for Brexit take two. It aint gonna be May. She must resign after this surely.

Mrs May says Brexit could be delayed by three months, to 30 June, if MPs back her withdrawal deal in a vote next week.

Christ on a bike she is utterly deluded. She is STILL banging on about her rejected deal? The fuck is wrong with her?


May isn’t going until after this is settled(*), unless someone can force a GE.

(*: For definitions of settled meaning “We are outside the EU, but still stuck in endless negotiations about everything”)


Could Mays undead deal rise again from the grave?
Parliament have ruled out no deal, 2nd ref, Labours wishy-washy hand-wavey “we’ll negotiate a better deal”. What is left?
Long delay (but with no plan)
Mays deal


Then the government has no leadership. This is on the Conservatives, they had a chance to change to someone competent and they voted to keep her. Now they are stuck with her for ten months or until she resigns.


Making it “May’s deal or 21 month extension” probably gets her up to 300 votes right there.

It’s not enough, but today is a genuine tactical victory for May.


May won’t resign. If she was the type to resign when humiliated, she would have resigned a long time ago. And the party won’t make her, because there really no one else who commands more support.

And with Labour being the hot mess that they are, there’s no outside political pressure that would force the Tories to reconsider, either.


Following the votes, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reiterated his support for a further referendum after earlier ordering his MPs not to vote for one.

He said: "Today I reiterate my conviction that a deal can be agreed based on our alternative plan that can command support across the House.

I also reiterate our support for a People’s Vote - not as a political point-scoring exercise but as a realistic option to break the deadlock.”

Oh I hope so Corbyn I really hope so.


The rules are not so set in stone as all that. But she would still win a vote of confidence from the Tory MPs right now because fundamentally nothing has changed - the PM role is blatantly a poisoned chalice and furthermore half the MPs want to make sure a brexiteer doesn’t get it until the deal is signed.

Once we are out - however it happens - the situation changes and the 1922 will find a way to eject her if she doesn’t resign.

EDIT: Similarly if a 2nd ref or GE happens I think they would find someway to have a different leader.


A second referendum is not yet ruled out.


Yeah they were pretty clear as was Labour they were not addressing this issue right now. Going back to the people is still very much on the table, which is good.

@Aceris yeah , she has also promised to move aside if there is another GE. Lets hope so. I dont even like the Tories but they and we need someone better.


The fuck is wrong with you? STILL banging on about your rejected referendum?


Till the end of time :)


Quite right, we should have stuck with the results of the 1945 general election and not bothered having any votes in the UK again.