Brexit, aka, the UK Shoots Itself


UK needs to change its national anthem.


The UK exports its waste to EU? I guess it’s not so strange considering that Canada does the same with the US but, I mean, there’s like an ocean between them.


Yeah my brother worked in the field. The UK ships a massive amount of waste / recycling to the EU and surprisingly, China.


You crawl over rat infested piles of rotting rubbish to get home and its just as well all thats left to eat is tinned soup because your teeth fell out from scurvy and you sit shivering in your house because we somehow fucked up gas imports next to the corpse of your dead diabetic granny because no one realised we imported coffins and morgue refrigerator parts and you watch The Quiz and try not to think about The Event, which turned out to be Brexit.


Almost everywhere in western Europe shipped it’s recycling to China up until about 12-18 months ago when it stopped being worth anything.


So much doom and gloom guys!



Interesting, yeah my bro left the field two years ago so sounds right. Cheers!


The more incoming Brexit austerity.

It was never “uncertainty” that was keeping investment going in the UK, it was the hope that Brexit wouldn’t happen. Now that hope is dwindling the exodus will gather pace.


Yeah I was just coming to post that. Something to file under, “Who woulda thunk it?”


The Brexiteers are going to have a rude awakening.


No they aren’t.

if anything goes wrong they’ll just blame it on people being wimpish.



Was it George Carlin who remarked, “Think of how stupid the average person is. Now, remember that half of them are more stupid than that.”




Not even a mention that the EU still hasn’t done anything about Latveria, and just allows that dictatorship to continue without any…

Wait, dictatorship? I meant utopia.


“This isn’t the Brexit we voted for, it was ruined by remainers and rebels.”


Exactly this.

It’s all so ribible really.

prediction : companies like the stability and easy access to the EU, and won’t like it if we leav with no deal or a bad deal.

Reaction: project fear!

Consequence: companies are leaving

reaction: project Fear, millenials have no backbone.


What does “ribible” mean? I only know it as another name for rebec.




Risible as previous poster explained.

My bad. No excuses