Brian Fargo Wants To Kickstart Wasteland Reboot

That guide mentioned melee characters. Do those really work out? It seems that in games with guns that melee guys seem like a bad idea.

That’s why I stick to PBEM! :)

WL2 really is spectacular so far. One of the best games I’ve played in many years. It’s much better than I hoped, much less expected.

If this is what they can do with Wasteland, I can’t wait to see Torment.

That’s incredibly encouraging to hear!

Excellent, now we just need Tom to give it 1 star.

I do have three related complaints.

First, you’re constantly disarming traps, unlocking doors, opening safes, fixing toasters, etc. That’s great. But you need to keep track of which of your 5+ dudes has each skill. Very annoying! When grouped, the game should automatically pick the dude with the highest skill. Conversation skills work similarly.

Second, the disarming traps, etc, takes too long. Is an 8 second long channel time really necessary?

Third, the system where you have an X% chance to succeed promotes quicksave/load until you get it right. I can’t stop myself from doing this. Would like it to have a better chance of initially working, and then never give another opportunity to unlock/etc until you increase your skill.

stusser, do you suppose your first complaint is something they could easily fix with a patch? Or perhaps modded?

Sounds good. WIll probably pick it up over the weekend.

But it has been in Early Access for some time - Why would you purchase it again? ;-)

Yes, I was surprised to read this. Even Fallout 2 had this improvement and I can’t believe that someone didn’t bring this up during beta testing. They really should fix this.

Sure. And hopefully they do. But it didn’t stop me from playing from 3AM until 10AM.

Buy. This. Game.

Why won’t you focus on the positives?

Yup. It’s one of the same issues Divinity: Original Sin had.

Also, the fact that you have to select the correct skill is a drag. It should be dynamic.

“Hey, there’s a chest with a lock.”
<click on chest>
“Whoops! Wrong guy”
<select lockpicker guy>
<click chest again>
“Oh, crap!”
<click on lockpicker guy’s lockpicking skill>
<click chest again>

Hourly I am checking the Internet for the news report that you have been found in an Internet Café, clutching your chest, and murmuring “Rangers, good luck”.

I really love how perception is a passive radius now, that’s really cool and it works well. I also noted some changes to INT - everyone should get that 4th point of INT right away for the 3 skill points/level that USED to be default (but now 2 is) in the opinion of this min/maxer, at least. 5 INT seems to be the 4th skill point, and all the way out to 8 or maybe 9 is 5 skill points. It’s a hard investment, you no longer seem to get any other benefit from INT, but man, WHAT a benefit! No more action points though, seems like. Probably for the best, INT was a little over-powered before. Other things seem to just work a little better (like the hard-ass, kiss-ass, etc. stuff) than in the EA I last played, too. I’m only 90 minutes in but damned if I’m not having a blast so far!

Excellent point. If my perception skill tells me a chest is trapped and locked, clicking on it while grouped should send my highest trap remover guy to do his thing, then the second click should send over my highest skill lock picker.

Dumb question: I have had the beta of WL2 sitting in my steam library for a while. With the full release, do I need to go to the Ranger Center for a key or while Steam automatically convert over? I’m at work, so I can’t check myself.

It will convert via update on Steam.

Great, thanks.

I remember passing on the WL2 kickstarter and then suffering non-buyer’s remorse. Then the Torment KS popped up, with its $45 tier giving you both games, and I jumped. Very glad now I did.

That’s really heartening to learn.