Brink is free on Steam for the best reason

Brink is free on Steam for the best reason Brink, Splash Damage’s 2011 team-based parkour shooter, suddenly became free on Steam over the weekend. That’s totally free to keep in your growing Steam library with a click of a button. But why? Why give away the game with no loot crates or any of the other typical free-to-play monetization schemes in place? According to Bethesda’s Pete Hines, the answer is simple. “Why not?” Hard to argue with that. Brink, much-maligned at launch thanks to technical issues, eventually bombed in sales due to poor marketing, multiplayer that was too different from the dominant Call of Duty paradigm at the time, and a number of design decisions that generally fared poorly with the audience. Splash Damage would eventually go on to make Dirty Bomb, taking elements of Brink and trimming the ideas down to a more cohesive whole. Meanwhile, freerunning and high-mobility traversal is all the rage in first person shooters.

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