Bro i don't want your ghost chip

Drink driving PSA from Noo Zillun.

I suspect it’s written by my mate Taika, it has his spoor.

Gotta say that made me laugh.


I know next to nothing about NZ, but is that ad targeted specifically at Maori youth?

I can’t get enough of the accent. “I’ve been internalizing a really complicated situation in my HID.”

That is very very cool, probably the best public caution ad I’ve ever seen. I wish they did better work in the US with those sorts of things. Those damned “In times like these” messages you get on the radio here from the Ad Council are just dreadful, often even offensive.

Maori youth, yeah, rural Maori at that? I reckon there is less drink driving here than in the US (based on a single Friday night driving in and out of Baltimore when I saw some astonisingly drunk people on the road) but the govt. still likes to work on spreading the message.