Brogue Challenge: Badly Handled

Meh. I did poorly. 274. Killed by a cloud of caustic gas on level 3.

2323 Killed by an ogre on level 10.

a poor attempt

oh dear, never really got going at all, a ton of useless potions and scrolls, and my two attempts to rescue ogre prisoners ended in failure, the second one fatal. I was on level 10 ahead of my time, due to holes in the floor. Found this seed elsewhere after reports it was a good one, but I found it lacking.

367 - Killed by a pink jelly on level 4

Killed by a dar blademaster on lvl 10 - 3461

Won’t bother with the details except to note there was some fire involved and a phenomenally ineffective staff.

367 - Killed by a spectral blade on level 4


That was one nasty room! Something told me I shouldn’t have entered in the middle of it, but I did not see the goblin conjurer at first and that was too much along with the other stuff in there for me to survive.

Ugh! I suppose I should finally get around to posting this score. I sure hope that score tracker/graph doesn’t get made. My scores are getting worse every time ;).

367 - Killed by a fall on level 5.


I spent a long time searching for the key on level 3. Then I started to panic that I was going to starve, so pressed on without it. Where was the damn thing?

Died to desperation-potion-quaffing…


Was there a key for lvl 3? I couldn’t find the stupid thing either.

lvl 3

You can use a scroll of shattering (also found on that level) to shatter the statue blocking the entrance to the vault.

I think these shattering vaults are one place where Brogue fails to live up to its own ideal of needing no spoilers to figure out. It is discoverable under the right circumstances, I guess.

lvl 3

Well, they do seem to always generate a scroll of shattering near those vaults.

lvl 3

Do scrolls of shattering and the amulet of shattering work in the same way on statues? I could have sworn I tried that in other locked rooms, and it didn’t shatter those statues. Or is it only for special rooms that there is no key for it?? or special brittle statues?

Oh, right, 12 days is up! I, uh, declare myself the winner!!

…oh, there seems to have been a bit of a mix up with the envelopes. Yes, actually, Boojum wins. Congratulations!

488 - Killed by a cloud of caustic gas on level 4

<295 - Killed by a jackal on level 3

Not sure the actual score because it didn’t make it to my high scores list (the lowest of which is 295).

Speaking of spoilers, I just accidentally discovered something non-obvious which is totally a spoiler:


The damage done to weapons and armor by acid is counted as a “magical effect”. So if you drop a damaged weapon, stand near it and read a scroll of negation, the item is repaired!

I had assumed that acid permanently ruined things…

367 - Burned to death on level 3

Hey apost8! Have you checked you PM’s lately? I have a Dominions 3 license key to gift to you from your victory in the previous Brogue challenge I ran, but have not heard back from you?? Are you the only person on QT3 to have me on ignore?? ;)

I announce the contest is over! Congratulations to Boojum, our winner! :)

I’d say you handled it quite well lesslucid (except apost8 should be in second place, no?).

Someone else suggest a seed! Something with a chance at ascension perhaps, seeing as this one was hard.

i’ll put mine up next. it was an interesting one and I believe others could do much better with it then I!

Oops, fixed!

Thanks for the kind words. :)

I’ve just gotten my first ascension on this version, so that seed’ll be available if people want a bash at it for the challenge after ducker’s.