Broken Forum vanished

Oh I see it’s at the top of the main page. I have no problem with him personally but yeah, given how he exited probably not.

I see a lot of names in that banned list that I recognize and wish were back here. Five on the first page.

Was drilling holes in monitors a Qt3 meme or BF meme? Either way ol’ Theodore is gone from both yeah?

I wasn’t really around for the Great Splintering. I’m not sure why. It wasn’t really related to anything that was going on. Life got in the way.

The monitor drilling meme will never get old. Neither will mentioning HRose predicted it on his blog.

I really miss the NFL picks script, though.

I guess HRose is gone? He was desperate to work on MMOs but I guess that dream died when MMOs more or less died.

Yeah, banned from BF as well.

@HRose isn’t banned from here, I assume he just decided he liked it better there. But I guess they disagreed.

The infamous monitoring drilling topic was here.

Depending on topic it moves faster than here. Souls games get a lot more activity over there I feel.

The “Your Souls So Dark” (I think they were called) threads are what kept me there so long. Very diverse and active.

So… SWIM went to the BF thread that was bashing Grimiore and Cleve. This person asked a serious question. It was along the lines of: Do you think that anyone is irredeemable? Even Cleve? Is it possible that he could change, now that his game was actually out? Is it fair to pile on him?

SWIM was immediately blasted from multiple people. “Who do you think you are? You hardly post here. Do you think that you can just drop by and attack us, bla, bla,bla”

This person was not trolling. It was a serious question to a group who, SWIM thought, were inclusive and open to change. Person was wrong. This person has never gone back. Even though they donated to the site and really had enjoyed the interaction up to that point.

SWIM thinks that BF is as much an echo chamber as any other forum they might have left. And maybe even more oppressive than they might let on to be.

I was gonna ask what SWIM meant but I googled it and found out it’s ‘Someone Who Isn’t Me’

Prior to that the only thing I thought of was Sexy Woman I Married.

I tend to stay on the sidelines when things get hot and heavy online -like when the splintering occurred; I visited BF when they started but haven’t really felt the need to do so in recent years. I do miss many of the folks who left here for there though (not all of ‘em).

My long term concern is the moderation issues that exacerbated the splintering. The more I researched this, the more I learned, the more troubling it became. “Those guys were assholes” isn’t untrue but it is also a wildly incomplete picture of the story, Rashomon style.

It is true at some level that people Needed To Go, but it could have been two orders of magnitude less traumatic if different moderation choices were made.

I want future qt3 to learn from this and not repeat those mistakes.

I was fairly new and inexperienced here when it all went down, so I am positive I was missing lots of context, but it mostly seemed like a lot of people being impossible assholes to each other, and then deciding that the best possible play in response was to be even more impossibly assholish right up until everything blew up.

But, again, it’s entirely possible I missed enough context to entirely vindicate one side or another!

In any case, I only really have enough time to post for 12 hours a day on one forum because I sleep like 5 hours a night so no BF for me.

I too had some minimal interaction on BF and can confirm - they’re all a bunch of SJW assholes and we’re better off without them.

Greatest topic ever. And the confused uproar it created was gold.

Thank goodness no members of BF posts here!

Indeed. Both forums have things to recommend them, just as both have threads you’re better off staying out of.

I think I actually had forgotten about them. Ah well, hope things worked out ok for those folks.

I think what I learned from that whole mess was that ultimatums are almost always a bad idea. “X must happen or else…”


Seriously, I am not going to touch that “things you can eat that aren’t technically food” thread with a ten foot pole.