BSG 37 - Second Chance Heroes

I was talking about the game choices, yes. The other is a no brainer.

The other has relieved some of my stress.

Doing a little parenting by playing Lego City Undercover. @Perky_Goth feel free to pick before me nfl draft style. I wasn’t expecting Saul.

I’ll pick Dee.

President Billy


Sorry for the delay, kid puked

Ah c’mon, Billy’s not that young.

@rowe33 your pick

I’ll Apollo it up. Feel like kicking some evil ass this weekend for some reason.


I’ll go for Seelix so we have a backup pilot and draw more than a single engineering card between us.


We gots all the Tactics.

Cool, Setting board now.

@Lantz @rowe33 @rho21 @Perky_Goth

Your 3 card draw

@Knightsaber you’ll go full hand.

Allies are crashdown and Athena.

@rowe33 you launch, 2 or 4

2 Leadership and a Politics please

I’ll take Leadership, Piloting, and Tactics please.

Launch in the space to the left - can’t remember which numbering system we’re using now :D

The initial board.

Hands coming later

Sorry, wasn’t here. One of each.

(nevermind the sorry, it was just 20 minutes ago :P)

Politics, Piloting, Piloting please.

Ok all set @Knightsaber

The allies

You may blow out your birthday candles when ready

I guess uhhh, I’ll hit up Command and move the flunky from 2 to 1 and the guy in 4 to 7-8 to slow those half-saucer things down.

What is even going on.

While you were hitting the bottle resting, sir, the colonies have been nuked and we’re running away as fast as possible. Please don’t kill us.

That’s fine, carry on.

(i.e. I had no fabulous moves, so here we are)