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Write Portable Code: An Introduction to Developing Software for Multiple Platforms …

I honestly had no idea who BaconTastesGood was until just five minutes ago. Really.

Anyway, I’m curious to check out the book myself, since just about everything I do lately has to be made cross-platform (because we can’t fucking find a platform that works + is cheap enough)

I still have no idea. DO I OWE HIM MONEY?

I’m shocked. I mean, I don’t even like him :)

— Alan

Thanks for the mention. BTW, the “official” site is

The book isn’t exactly a page turner, and not nearly as pretentiously cool as Raph’s, but hey, someone has to write the boring books too =)

Just curious, how was it dealing with No Starch Press in comparison to other publishers?

— Alan

I have three publishing experiences (of which two were rolled into one book). The Waite Group Press – disastrous. J. Wiley & Sons – great process, but then again I was giving them a finished book. And No Starch.

No Starch is very earnest. They are probably, in my opinion, the nicest and least-likely-to-fuck-you publisher on the planet. My only complaints, which I think they’re addressing, are that they didn’t have a very solid turnaround process in place.

For example, I’d write something in OO Writer, send it in, and get edits back in .doc form. Then I’d edit some more, and then get stuff back with some different stylesheet or templates. Then they changed to OOW Beta 1.9x at some point. It was just kind of disorganized feeling.

But, I chalk that up to growing pains which they’ll fix with better processes. They’re a small publisher but Bill Pollock (owner/publisher) is a stand up, solid guy, and his editors were good to work with. They give good feedback but generally stay out of your way.

That said, I had a mostly completed manuscript and didn’t ask for an advance, so they had low stress levels with me and didn’t have to ride me so hard. That said, I have some friends who are authors for them who haven’t progressed on their books in like 2 years and NSP is still generally chill about it.

Their distribution is through O’Reilly so it should get reasonably broad distribution.

It is highly likely that if I write another boutique book that I will do it in LaTeX and self-publish. I didn’t go that route this time because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle, but the upside is worth it when you’re only looking at a few thousand copies sold and mostly on-line at that.

I was really expecting it to say BaconTastesGood under author.

i also have no idea why that url didn’t form correctly shrug

It’s because you hit enter between the ] at the end of the url tag and the W at the start of the text. Seems BBCode doesn’t like there being a CR in a url tag. Same link below, without the CR, works:

Write Portable Code: An Introduction to Developing Software for Multiple Platforms

Hey, looks like a useful book. Does if cover issues encountered when going from little endian to big endian arches?

(and to think I was going to start a topic the other day about that glorious year when everyone had a .plan file and flinging poo, and compare it to today’s PR-lockdown world. I was going to ask, “Hey, what’s Brian Hook doing these days?”)

If it didn’t, it wouldn’t exactly be very good.

I was going to ask, “Hey, what’s Brian Hook doing these days?”)

Writing books, contemplating misspent youth.


It’s ordered.