Buccaneer: Pursuit of Infamy

This just went live on Steam earlier, and I’ve been playing around with the demo a bit. Its a fun arcade-ish ship combat game. Controls are nice and simple. AWSD controls ship movement, and both mouse buttons control cannon’s firing on either side of the ship. Looks like a lot of content too for a $20 game:

[li]Swashbuckling single player campaign across 50+ missions.[/li]> [li]Compete against up to 18 other cut-throats in team-based multiplayer.[/li]> [li]Captain one of 26 upgradeable pirate vessels.[/li]> [li]Explore the beauty of the Caribbean, with stunning shader technology.[/li]> [li]Instantly accessible arcade-like controls.[/ul][/li]

Demo is multiplayer only, but you can still host an empty game and see if it catches your eye. In multiplayer, each side has a base where they can repair. Also scattered around the map are some smaller ships you can capture for bonuses and whatnot. The ship models look pretty nice.

Thanks for the link.

Those are the best demos! :P

Crashes when I try and run it. Oh dear.

It was crashing for me too when I tried to join a game online. hmm

creating one was fine though

I’m a sucker for pirate and ship games.

How is this one? Worth the 20 bucks?

I played the demo for about 20 minutes and uninstalled it.

It’s no Pirates.

I concur.

The combat doesnt feel like ship combat at all.

This just got a multiplayer update and is 50% off.

Now Powered by GameSpy and using their new matchmaking technology, hosting and playing a multiplayer game could not be easier. Anyone may now host a game without fuss — simply click “Host Game” and your server is up! And to compliment this update, we are giving away ALL multiplayer maps FREE to anyone who downloads the demo! So assemble your fleet, roll out your guns and set sail in the pursuit of infamy!

I’m confused. Did you have to pay for the multiplayer maps separately before?

Even though it’s on sale for $10, no one’s talking about this game. Metascore is only 68. Is it really that bad, even for $10?