Bullet Train - A Brad Pitt action vehicle

Could be a case of all good scenes being featured in the trailer. Or not? Hopeful since it’s being directed by David Leitch.

Just happened across this trailer in front of a Youtube video I was watching. This looks better than I would have expected.

That looks great!

It’s not the dark n gritty Supertrain reboot I was hoping for. But it looks amazing!

Who’s the Australian/New Zealander with the mustache and vest? That scene with him and Pitt at the end is great!

You mean Aaron Taylor-Johnson of Kick-Ass fame? Also, Godzilla (2014), Tenet and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I’ve seen all those movies, and I never would have put that together. I think the accent threw me.

Gotta love “Staying Alive” in Japanese!

Any movie set on planes, trains or automobiles, I just love. So I don’t even need to watch this trailer.



2022, Action/Mystery & thriller, 2h 6m


TOMATOMETER[146 Reviews]



Explain to me the need for critics???

That number is probably based on under 10 reviews (it’s the “verified audience review” number, not the “all audience”; we don’t know exactly how many verified reviews they have, just that it is a small number since they have under 50 audience reviews in total). So while it’s a legit strategy to go with the wisdom of the crowds, in this case the 150 critics are still a much larger crowd…

They’ll get my money anyway.

Yeesh. Read the room.

Just got back from this. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Reminded me more of a wacky Free Fire than anything. Dipping into some of the review headlines, I’m not sure we saw the same thing. From Slate: “Brad Pitt’s new movie wants to be his John Wick. Yikes.” Um. Not everything is trying to be John Wick, Dana.

That isn’t to say I loved every little detail. In particular, some of the flashbacks were excessive. But Brad Pitt’s charisma is infectious. There’s a line near the end that perks him up, only it’s another character taking the piss. That made me cackle. I laughed pretty hard at a few points, really. Maybe I was in the right mood.

Yeah, it was a joyful action flick with a good sense of humour. More in the vein of Nobody than John Wick, but with sharper/smaller focus and better overall execution. I really enjoyed Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s and Brian Tyree Henry’s Tangerine and Lemon (despite feeling the whole ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ bit dragging on too much). Some great chemistry there and pretty ripe for a spinoff.

Pitt’s Ladybug was also very enjoyable, his fortune-blessed and amiable haphazardness at times made me feel like he was channelling some major The Dude vibes. If you’ve ever wondered what The Big Lebowski would be like as locomotive bound action flick, this is pretty much what you’d get.

Easily the best action movie this decade. See this on a big screen if you can.

Nice story.

It was…ehh. A lot of individual things and performances to like, but as much as Leitch can execute individual scenes and action sequences, I’m coming around to the notion that he’s not a very good story teller. Much like Atomic Blonde constantly deflated itself with its awful structure, Bullet Train undercuts itself with its pointless flashbacks and character introductions. The fun of the premise is all these people trapped on a train, working against each other, so set your characters up beforehand, and then keep it on the fucking train.

Also spoiler for the end but if you have movie this flippant don’t fucking crash a train through a bunch of residential buildings killing god knows how many people.

I really enjoyed this, though I’d say the first 15-20 minutes are a real, real slog and at times downright annoying. When it gets going, it’s terrific and doens’t let up. I really recommend it. Leitch tries to do some fun stuff, and it either works really well or it really doesn’t.

The fact that this movie is kinda Deadpool 2 meets The Lost City and I had no idea what the cameos were is kinda amazingly all put together.

And before anyone else starts complaining about whitecasting, note that even the author of the story thought that many of the characters’ ethnicity didn’t really matter (though I’m not sure if the Lemon/Tangerine racial pairing was his idea or the scripters’).

— Alan

Overall I liked it, but I agree about the structure and the beginning. I couldn’t understand much of what Lemon/Tangerine had to say at the start of the movie.