Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, a single developer can make a open world settlement builder.

So in this image I’ve got the woodmill selected, just press left mouse in this case will select the tower with the orange selection around it, as you move the build cursor other towers/buildings get selected, and just pressing LMB will move your selection/camera there.

After the first part of the tutorial is done, you get to flly around which is a full "escape " from the ground build mode, but its unlocked later in the tutorial (its the space or tab depending on which scheme you selected)

So in the first portion of the tutorial you always have 1 tower selected and are stuck to it, until you have the building down, and then you get to fly and switch between air and ground.

There is never a fully free camera, this will make sense once you get to the flying around and discover how big the world is (even tho most of its un-interactable in the demo)

@divedivedive distance is key here, so the boat travel costs nothing but the travel of the worker resource from your outpost does cost 1 per hop.

the nr on top of the outpost is the number of jumpst/towers/walls a resource can make, so workers are just like any resource, they dissipate over distance/amounts of hops on the network you build.

so reduce the pathway from the outpost to the mine and suddenly things will pop…
the flow (TAB button or right bumper) will show you the resource flow and you can count the amount of links it takes your workers to travel to your mine or quarry.

once workers are there they can improve the range of a mine or quary, just by expanding the area around it , they build appropriate buildings/.industry once workers reach any walkway

more industry/houses improves the output and thus the distance. This is the resource puzzle of the game as it were…

distance/hops on the nodal network


Thanks for taking the time to explain! It is greatly appreciated.

No problem.

The way I want people to play is to build not in ‘mechanical’ way of clicking a button and then dragging or placing something but rather be in the world.

So for a building interface and controls that’s not a floating layer on top I had to come up with something fairly radical.

This is what came out, it definitely for some is a break with what the are used to. Which is problematic but somewhat unavoidable if you wanna break from the paradigm.

I do feel if you pick up a controller for a bit the controls feel much less weird and if you then go back to mouse it suddenly makes sense.

Like a body hack .

On the whole it’s made as a 2 button game. Left mouse button to select or move and right to build. There is an alternative mouse controls that does space to build and right mouse to orbit. This is for folks who have this mouse button confusion where lmb and rmb get confused cuz there is no confirmation.

Then space bar to build helps a lot.

You can also remap everything.

But yeh minimalist UI, it may take some getting used to. The controls are also very much inspired by 3d art software like Maya and blender. If that makes sense

I gather this is behind the decision to have to hop on your airship and fly over to a colony to do anything there? This is pretty much the only thing that’s taking me some getting used-to; I feel like I should be able to send over a packet of orders on the next ship headed that way instead of doing it personally :-)

yes I love embodied games, where you are sortof inside the world, not over it commanding …
Even though you have some of that.

But lets me honest, I am completely certifiably bonkers to try and make a citybuilder/ chill grand strategy game by myself.

So hahahah not everything makes sense , in that its always a tugging and pulling between ways of just getting things realized and produced and my own quirky ways.

So whatever the mix of ingredients is, its as close to a personal work of art as you will ever find in games. Even tho it doesn’t have that big stamp… It’s just unique to me, and trying to reproduce how I create things, the flow of my work.

Which I guess includes a lot of imagined airship or bird flying ;)

But you are freaking brilliant. Totally on board.

I preordered this on GOG today so I can get the Falconeer Warrior Edition with it, but the latter wasn’t added to my library. Do you know if it will be added later or perhaps on release, @FalconeerDev ?

I have passed on the pre-order issue to the publisher. They handle the GOG, but I suspect you should have received the falconeer immediately, so something is likely wrong,.

I think it’s the first time for this type of deal with pre-orders and free game bundles, so an issue is likely happening… will let you know what they say

Thank you, I appreciate it. Should I contact GOG’s support as well?

an email is already en route to them.;) but feel free to do so, according to the publisher its all setup and should work. so yeh go ahead, doesn’t hurt ;)

Loved the demo… immediately want more! I’m going to find it hard to wait until March 26 =)

ha cheers, doing last minute polish atm ;)

I just updated the cursor behavior with the mouse a bit on the demo for instance, so final polish

Your demo made me pre-order. I never pre-order anymore =) Good luck!

GOG are saying it takes 24 hours for pre orders to be added to your account, so seeing as we are 2 days on, did it arrive by now?

They have update the page with the text to please allow for up to 24 hours for the falconeer warrior edition to appear in your library.

So let me know if that’s the case please, or not so we can confirm or denie that it works.

Earlier today Falconeer was not there, but I just checked right now and it’s finally there in my library. I had contacted GOG support too, so I don’t know what did it, but it’s there, so I’ll not complain. Thanks for your help!

cheers, have fun

Splattercat just put up a video on Bulwark:

I don’t follow a lot of content creators, but of those I am aware of, Splattercat is one of the best around.

His analysis of the game shows of details and insight into the system you won’t find in other videos. Well worth watching.