Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, a single developer can make a open world settlement builder.

Pretty excited for the release of this game later this month. @tomchick will be merging some of the posts from the previous game’s thread.

Tom is so good at merging threads. :)

There’s a demo for a freeform (think townscaper) builder game set in the same world up on steam.

Hi yes indeed there is, it’s a bit of a low-key affair as I’ve been updating the game based on the demo feedback for the last few days, as a sort of pre-alpha test. I’ve done over 50 substantial fixes, changes and new features since sunday. That’s now done (issues seem to have trickled to zero) so I guess it’s in a good state now.

Please have a go at the demo, its unlimited and you can build anything you see in the screenshots or trailers. even go out into the open world (from the falconeeR) and build anywhere (in freebuild mode)

It is missing a map feature tho, so head west ;) (there’s a beacon to guide you back to the nearest tower of a settlement you made tho as a placeholder,.

so yes an early alpha demo of a quirky builder. Please let me know what you all thing (very controller friendly as always with me)
Here is a stream I did so gameplay with comments.

It’s early days but here are some of the settlements players have made with the game demo and photo mode tools.,

Whoa, those are beautiful! Very nicely done and not even in that “for a one-man effort” way; just flat-out lovely for any sized team!

Not to detract from the wonderful work you’ve done here and in Falconeer, but the style remind me of Big Huge Game’s RTS Rise of Legends. So much sprawling intricate whimsy. I think one major difference is that the artwork in Rise of Nations holds up even though the engine is sorely dated, but that’s not an issue here. Those screenshots have a sense of grandeur and scale that Rise of Legends couldn’t manage. So gorgeous. I just want to get down in there!

there certainly is a rise of legends vibe to it , isn’t there.

You can go in there and try the demo till monday ;) It’s a bit of a weird game tho, but surrender to it and you’ll be making your own mon saint michel in no time ;)

I love the free demo! This game is beautiful! Great approach to building, too: unlimited resources within limited range. It seems like the terrain really will play a huge part in how the outpost turns out. The changing weather, day/night cycle, music, all great.

Mouse controls were a little hard to get use to: it felt a bit… “sticky” if that makes any sense. But, overall very intuitive. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out! I’ll definitely be getting the Falconeer, too, when I can afford it (ahhh, lol!)

Thank you… there is a bit of an adjustment to the controls… but it’s gotten a lot better over the alpha test I’ve been using the demo for…

But the problem with the mouse is m that it’s stuck to the controller. Which gives you sort of a moving target when flying…compounded by having to aim in 3d when building.

Usually this time of mouse vehicle controls is used in a limited map setting where the camera is detached from the vehicle and relative to the screen.

But this being a 10k. X 10 km map that no longer works (no edge scrolling till infinity).

So it’s a ‘special’ solution. Takes some getting used to. And there is an element of floatiness I’m trying to design away.

Gimme time and perhaps I’ll find a solution :).

When does the demo become available again? I missed the window.

This looks very interesting, I guess I missed this thread from before. I’m interested in a demo as well.

Nothing has been decided yet. But likely around PAX East in march again.

Hard to believe a year has almost passed, and this new game is releasing soon.

Thanks for all the links, I’ve seen a few random articles about Bulwark and it looks really cool. I need to get back to The Falconeer too; I got stuck on something a while back and set it aside. Really deserves my full attention.

I am so impressed with what @FalconeerDev has done here. Wow!

cheers and remember you can try out the demo of Bulwark right now on steam, or on Xbox or Playstation.
I’d say as usual my somewhat unconventional ideas on minimal interfaces and controls that aren’t “rows of buttons machine interfaces” seem to resonate with platforms that never had that ;)

That said I’ve done my best to make it as MKB friendly as I can, but it’s another weirdo ;) and it seems to have its fans.


I tried the demo out again, its changed since I last tried it in 2023 and offers a little hand holding as you learn the basics. Controls are still unique and I am sure I’ll get use to them.

Came across this trailer from 2 months ago that was a good highlight of what to expect from this city builder.

Also a good watch to learn the basics if you don’t feel like playing the demo:

@tomchick should I make a dedicated Bulwark game thread? And if so would you move over the relevant posts?

I am pretty excited for this game. :)

I got stuck playing the demo last night. Built a few towers, started harvesting wood and stone. Then I was told to look at a nearby island and start collecting iron. I built the two harbors, assigned captains and let them start ferrying needed materials across, but I could never start collecting the iron because the iron base said it had no workers. Which seemed odd, because I had three captains going, two of which said they would carry workers. And looking at the resource lines, workers seemed to be a green line moving out to the iron island, but none ever appeared there.

Still, it did look cool and I appreciated how easy everything was to set up.

The game is beautiful!

I am using Mouse; struggling a bit to go from one building to the next. Is there a way to unselect (example unselect the Lumbar Mill so I can select the Stone quarry). I seem to drag the cursor around and it confuses me a bit. Thought ESC would work but it brings up the main menu.