Burger Scholar Sessions - with George Motz

Came across these videos just before Christmas, as I was catching up on Hot Ones episodes. There is also another show that runs on the channel called The Burger Show which is also good.

But lets focus on the Burger Scholar episodes with George Motz. This fine gentleman loves the Hamburger. And has great presentation and a wonderful personality. This show will make you hungry.

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Hall of Fame:

Season 4:

George himself can be a little bit much at times and I get the impression that like a lot of the content on Vice’s Munchies channel, I may just not enjoy the weeds quite enough to totally dig the vibes of First We Feast, but the history lessons are great and the burgers are always delightful, even if I do think the core concept is running up against the limitations of “What resourceful but overwhelmed line cooks operating out of low-budget bars and diners circa 1940-1970 could possibly slap onto the basic structure of a burger based on what was available to them” these days. “Ah, this time the fried onions are cooked under the burger, but piled atop it. Brilliant.”

But I mean, I still watch it every time it comes up in my recommendations. And then I order a hamburger somewhere. In some ways, mission accomplished, I suppose :)

This… I tried to watch, because I love hamburgers and am quite interested in picking up some nice variations/recipies. But man, he makes it hard for me to keep watching after a few minutes. I guess I’ll just have to consume this in very small portions!

Its very enjoyable in small doses (2 or 3 episodes).

Grease is a condiment. ;)

I want to try this :

These also look good.

Not the one with the fried egg. :P

Ok one more video:

Ok and this one, I’d eat this.