Bush screws up addition to Iraqi handover note


He wrote “let freedom reign” on it. Jesus. RING, YOU MORON, LET FREEDOM RING.

I saw that, and I like to think, deep down in my heart, he was making a play on words. He was being witty.


Another administration apologist^

I think that had to be an intentional variation. It’s still clunky, though.

There’s nothing wrong with what he wrote. He’s hoping for a reign of freedom in Iraq instead of the reign of terror they had under Saddam.

“Reign” has the connotation of a monarchy. And is a really grotesque and awful cartoon by the guy who made Aeon Flux. I can’t think of a third strike.

“let freedom reign” is almost a Freudian slip, so steeped as it is in the Bush Administration’s unintentional sense of self-parody.

It’s almost too creepy and stupid to think about.

He’s never made an intentional joke of that style that I’ve ever seen or heard. He didn’t start this morning, he just got it wrong, and revealed (once again) his dreams of empire.

At least he didn’t write “Let the Eagle Soar!!!”

Its an election year and the USSC just dumped all over him. His handlers needed a distraction.

I like the part about “Let Freedom Reign” being the name of an album by a Neo-Nazi band.

At least he didn’t write, “Take that Daddy, you only conquered Panama, I got me a bigger country”


Just be thankful he didn’t write “Let Freedom Rain” with backwards Es. :(

Thanks for making me almost spew hunks of peanut butter sandwich all over my monitor :/.

Main Entry: 2reign
Function: intransitive verb
1 a : to possess or exercise sovereign power : RULE b : to hold office as chief of state although possessing little governing power <in England the sovereign reigns but does not rule>
2 : to exercise authority in the manner of a monarch
3 : to be predominant or prevalent <chaos reigned in the classroom>

Now back to your regularly scheduled circle-jerk.

Let freedom dominate!

Right. He definitely wasn’t trying to quote the song.

LOL! It’s the shits when your favorite party is out of power, isn’t it?

And I’m going to be amused for at least the next four years! Loving it!


Mehrunes, get with the program. It’s not a circlejerk, it’s a dogpile.

I didn’t know you were a Democrat, Cindy! Good to have you with us. Well, kinda. So long as you don’t talk much. :lol:

“Let Martial Law dominate!”