Buying a new PS3 + Xbox360

Say I were to blow some money on getting a new slim PS3 and a 120GB 360–how would I get the data on my existing consoles onto them?

For the 360, call Microsoft and ask for a data transfer cable, if the system doesn’t come with one anyway (it might). For the PS3, no clue. Why are you doing this? You could buy like eight games instead.

I want a swanky slim PS3 and I might be able to sell my old system for not that much of a loss.

For a new 360, I want a 120GB drive, which sells for $160 new, which is over half the cost of a new system anyways.

In that case, for the 360, if you’re interested in getting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 anyway, you might want to go with that bundle instead. It’s going to be $400, for which you get Modern Warfare 2 and an extra wireless controller, essentially making the 250Gb hard drive a free upgrade from the 120Gb compared to what you’ll be paying for a $300 Elite. But of course, that’s only if you actually want 2 wireless controllers and a copy of Modern Warfare 2. If you don’t, then an Elite is a better value for you.

But believe me, with the 360, you’ll be thankful for the 250Gb drive. I’m starting to hit the ceiling frequently with my 120Gb, forcing me to make the decision of which game I should uninstall from the drive, etc.

On the PS3, I’ve been happy with my 60Gb drive so far. I haven’t come close to filling it up yet.

I can’t stand the wind tunnel noise of my Falcon 360. Installing a game to the HD makes a world of difference. But I rarely play my 360 and have renewed for the 2nd year an XBL account I’ve never played online with–I do have a bunch of XBLA exclusive games I’ve bought.

I wonder how much the MW2 bundle will be in CAD dollars. I have no interest in MW2 (I enjoyed the first one for the SINGLE player if you believe) but a 250GB drive would be nice.

Looks like it’ll be $429.99 CAD.

Well, it’s not really free, though. You can get the 120GB Elite from Dell for $270 right now, and Amazon’s price on MW2 is effectively $45, so you’re looking something like a $40 cost to the extra 90GB. Which is still super-competitive by 360 drive space standards, admittedly.

I think those Dell deals are only for Americans, not Canada. Canada has their own Dell site, and I don’t think I’ve heard of it getting regular good deals on consoles like the U.S. site does. I might be wrong about that though. Same goes for Amazon deals, which don’t apply to Amazon Canada.

Still rei, since you don’t actually want Modern Warfare 2, then definitely go with the Elite, I’d say. MW2 is a pretty big part of that deal.

nvm. went and bought an aspire revo sff pc for $370.

PS3 has a backup & restore feature in the system settings. You will need an external HD though.