By popular demand: The oozing poison ivy blister thread

Go on a date with it.

On which date should I kiss it?

Plus, think of how cool having a chainsaw arm would be.

I’m very bad around poison oak. This stuff has always worked wonders for me and it’s over the counter.
Domeboro powder:

Basically you mix it with a lot of water and either dip paper towels in it to press on the areas, or you just soak your arm in it in your case. It takes away itching for hours and in about 1-3 days it’s dried up and gone. If you have to have something at work, rubbing alcohol or an astringent will do to rub on and remove the oozing and itching.

Isn’t Stroker way too old to date that rash?

See a doctor. You’re gonna need something with prescription strength. You can get by without OTC stuff, but it’s gonna take longer to heal.

Bah. Walk it off.

Rub some dirt in it.

(Srsly, all I can suggest I’ve tol ya; if its still that bad, go see a doctor, man.)

See a doctor and get some prednisone for that shit. It makes it much less unpleasant to dea with.

10 am appointment scheduled for tomorrow. I tracked down my new prescription card too - apparently we switched providers and I didn’t get the memo.

A: The rash is on his hand.
B: His name is Stroker Ace.

where C is a thread in two days asking us what this, uh, friend of his should do about a poison ivy rash on his penis.

Dude, it’s on the OTHER hand.

You have a hand preference?

Heh, by about age 25 I was pretty much ambidextrous. You need to have one hand on the mouse, you know.

What? I’m a lefty and growing up in the 80s I learned to mouse right anyway. Suckers.

Dude, oral steroids are your friend. See the doctor.

Of course, when I gave my dog oral steroids he got really aggressive and started peeing on the floor. So good luck with that - let us know if we need to post bail for you or anything.

Stroker Ace pictures are useless without nipples.

The doc gave me a shot and some pills and a bandage. Everyone wins except for the Raimi fans.