Bye bye Google Play Music. Say hello to YouTube Music!


Youtube Red is the service that you think isn’t worth the price, but ends up being invaluable. Just the ad-free Youtube videos are worth it IMO, but along with that you get the ability to listen to videos without the screen on, download video or just audio for playback later, no video ads during Google Music playlists (OMG I fucking hated that), and access to the GPM streaming library. It’s a pretty good deal. Unfortunate that it’s not available in most of the world. Google is a really weird company–customers are an afterthought.


It’s a great deal at $10 if and only if you care about Google Play Music. Otherwise it sucks. At $12, even less so.


Did any other subscriber to Google Play Music lose Youtube Red? I recently switched to a family plan so I could be grandfathered in at the price I was at and it looks like they dropped me from Youtube Red (now Premium). I want to see if it’s userbase-wide or if I should email support to complain.

Seems I have this for support:


I was a YTR subscriber and got swapped over to Youtube Premium without a price hike.


I can’t help, I can only watch in curiosity as this was literally what I assumed would happen despite vague assurances here and from Google that this wouldn’t happen.


He probably switched up his account after the cutoff date. Contact Google and see if they’ll make you whole.


Yeah, that’s what I’m figuring. I made the swap but apparently Google doesn’t count it until your family members get set up and my wife sat on that invitation for WEEKS.


Dang, I wanted to be right!


Well you are still right that they didn’t message this correctly. "You’ll still get youtube Red*

* unless you change your subscription"

is not good messaging and I didn’t see this anywhere.


They said there was a cutoff date and if you signed up after that date you wouldn’t be grandfathered in. Reasonable to think that might extend to any account change, because that’s how grandfathering always worked.


Did they? Can you link it? (honestly interested not sarcastic arguing)


Well, it seems they never provided the actual date. And you can still subscribe to GPM right now for $9.99/month. So… yeah.


Classic Google…

Looks like I’m upgraded to Premium here, been subbed to GPM for about four years and went to Family Plan a few months ago.


Yeah, I expect them to release a YouTube messaging app next.




I’ve had a Google Play Music family account for some time, and was grandfathered into Youtube Premium as expected.


So switching means they de-grandfathered me then, since I had it before I switched to family.

Trust Google to fuck it up. #tgtfiu


Looks like Google Play Music still exists with the new YTP launch in Canada. Thanks for fucking things up, Google.


They’ve messaged that they aren’t dropping GPM for YTM until they are at feature parity, and right now some things GPM does aren’t in YTM.

The problem I’m having is a different issue with their messaging.


So the Pixel 3 came with a free 6 month trial to Youtube Music, which I just activated today.

I still use Google Play Music for my albums that I transferred over from my PC that I listen to in the car.

Youtube Music seems more oriented towards playing their playlists. First it asked me what artists I liked, and the list seemed like it was infinite. Whenever you picked an artist, more artists popped up as options, so the list kept getting bigger and bigger. I picked more and more artists. Eventually I was picking artists and the list stopped getting bigger. And then finally I reached the end.

Then it created a playlist for me, which I have to admit was pretty good.

I did also download an “offline mix”, which was 90 minutes of music, about 80MB. Pretty convenient since being on Google Fi means I really shouldn’t be streaming anything when I’m not on Wifi. I did try to find the albums I already have on my phone, you know, the ones I play using Google Play Music. But at least for now, their interface doesn’t show them to me. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place. Or maybe this isn’t really a replacement for Google Play Music.