Caesar IV demo

Seems to be up.

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I cannot wait to get home to try this. C3 was definitely my favorite of the city-builders and I’ve been looking forward to this for ages. Praying it doesn’t suck.

Thanks for the tip. CotN was great and I’m really looking forward to Tilted Mill’s next game. Death to walkers, downloading now!

/me dances the happy dance…

Fucking sweet. I remember Chris Beatrice and the Tilted Mill folks coming together to work on their secret project. I was getting the vibe that they were going and wanted to continue to go in new directions away from the Caesar formula many of them had worked on previously. That project, of course, became the pleasant Children of the Nile that many of you enjoyed, but I was wanting something different. What I was wanting was more Caesar. While I am all for innovation, Caesar was simply great and fit my city building tastes perfectly. Me no wantee changee.

I just last night watched a recently released gameplay video and re-excited myself (and boy am I glad my kid did not walk in on me).

They went back and made Casesar IV and now they can go back to innovatin’ and new directionin’, which, again, I am all for, but not until you bleed the last drops of blood out of an already successful formula.

So let me repeat: Fucking sweet.

so far this seems pretty cool, AND they let you just muck about without being totally patronised by the tutorial. Never played Ceaser before, but this version looks and plays well, at least on first impressions. And its a game that loads nice and quickly. wahey.

What are you, a commie?

So far so good. It’s essentially a pretty Caesar 3, which is fine by me.

The demo is fairly short; you just have to fill a couple resource orders for the empire and that’s it. Once it’s over you can keep going in a sandbox mode, but there’s a cap on what you can build. For example, I evolved my equite homes up to the point where they need city walls and you can’t build city walls - stuff like that. Patricians eventually need exotic resources and you can’t get any unless you trade for them.

Caesar freaks will be happy, I think.

What is the walker / distribution mechanic like? Do they use random walkers like in CII and CIII or do they use “directed” walkers (walkers who go to a specific destination) like in COTN?

I have found so few games I enjoyed in the last year or so that I have never had to pick what to play when I got home:

a. Titan Quest (late start, only one character at level 28)

b. Caesar demo

c. Back to EQ2 (recent addicition)

d. Mystery MMORPG in Beta testing

Nothing like CIII, that’s for sure. Your food goes to the market, and the citizenry seems to be good about going to market when they need food. If they need goods, they go to the market to get them. Services (prefects and engineers) walk around like walkers, but I don’t think the mechanic requires them to walk by a certain house for that house to be “covered” like it did in CIII.

Yeah, whatever the mechanic used, it appears to work - at least in the demo. The one buggy thing I’ve run across is having a building report no road access when I built a stinkin road right next to it (it was a bathhouse). I ripped up the road and put it back down and problem solved.

This demo definitely has a familiar feel to it, if you’ve ever played any of the prior Caesar games. From reading about C IV I get the gut feeling that aside from the move to 3D, changes were evolutionary rather than revolutionary. For this franchise, that’s a good thing.

This is next on my list. I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. CivCity Rome underwhelmed me.

I’m enjoying the demo, but it does chug on my system quite a bit. The buildings are very well detailed and I like the separation of housed and workplaces. Seems to have a nice pace to it as well. One thing different from CotN is not every inhabitant is represented by an individual person. I guess that makes sense consideing the population differences between the two games.

The graphics settings are pretty impressive. I get good performance if I turn the quality down and not so good if I have it at the highest. But holy cow is it gorgeous at the top settings.

While CivCity’s reception seemed pretty lukewarm, what is this game supposed to offer thats new if anything to the city building genere.

It’s this year’s “Pirates!” Nothing revolutionary, just the reworking and reimagining of a beloved franchise. It’s got a bunch of new eye-candy and adjustments to the systems of the original concept, while staying very faithful to it.

Few questions:

Does anyone else get the “shimmering” shadows effect on buildings during certain times of day? It’s like the z-sorting of the shadow is screwed up, so it flickers.

Also, how do you make pumphouses/aqueducts work? I build a pump house next to the river, then build a resevior, then connected them with an aqueduct. None of the buildings would staff up.

In answer to question one, yep, I get them. I sort of thought maybe it was supposed to represent water shining off the walls or something…

For question two, you need equites to run the waterworks–they’re needed to staff the pump house, reservoir, and two per fountain.

A game company hosting its own demos! What is the world coming to?