CAGCast: Your thoughts?

Just curious how many other QT3’ers have listened to or are frequent listeners of the Cheap-Ass Gamer Podcast… If you haven’t tried it out, give it a whirl. I find it alternatingly amusing and interesting, and it certainly passes the time in the cube when you’re doing something menial. They even have one of those inline flash players if you don’t want to download the whole thing right away, and it it works pretty well. Otherwise you can dl it off the page or on iTunes.

I’m more and more convinced that podcasts are the worst thing to ever happen to the internet.

I really enjoy that podcast. Among one of my top favs. Other favorites are


If you don’t like podcasts then perhaps you’ve been listening to some bad ones. (there are a lot of those).

I think I tried the PC Gamer one a while ago but I wasn’t really too keen with the people hosting the show. I kind of enjoy the dynamic between Wombat and CheapyD’s personas, and how they play off each other. They certainly aren’t as cookie-cutter or radio-amateur sounding as other podcasts, despite their inexperience with having guests and changing their show format slightly during each show. The admitted work in progress gives it some honesty, and I like the fact that they read back both bad and good reviews of their own show and try to take something from each side going forward. Keeping it honest and trying to be frank and real, without being too assinine or argumentative, is probably in large part of what keeps me coming back.

That said, I’d have to agree with other people who disliked last week’s (#42) guest who was just annoying. He had even less to contribute, besides shitting on everything, than Tommy Talarico on Judgement Day.

Yes I think those two guys have excellent chemistry. Also if you haven’t listened to 1UpYours you should definitely give it a try. Great and mostly serious round robin discussions about all topics gaming.

OK, Jazar, I’ll give it a try. If I hate it I will hunt you down and force you to listen to the COGCast.

(That’s the Church of God Podcast, for those of you not “in the know”)

I haven’t listened to the CAG one but I do tend to listen to the 1up yours cast, which I find can be interesting and informative. They have a good chemistry there and get into some good discussions. I kind of looking forward to this weeks with all the Sony bruhaha.

1UpYours is a good listen but it has done a lot to shatter my notions that game journalists try and be relatively non-biased and informed.

CAGCast can be biased and uninformed at times, but at least they read user feedback and occasionally eat crow on the air.