Can RPG Vidar make death relevant?

Title Can RPG Vidar make death relevant?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When January 15, 2015

Death isn't death in fantasy games because it's never permanent. Just make sure at least one of your party members survives the battle! Barring that, just reload. It's particularly a non-issue in fantasy games because you can just cast a resurrection spell..

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It is so hard to bring true consequence into a story. It mostly feels on rails or short circuited with little player agency. It's interesting that the game 80 days somehow managed to relate to me an entirely personal journey where I felt my actions as that character truly mattered where in fact over the long run they didn't and I could have entered and excited the mini scenarios in many different ways without them interacting much with each other.

I love when designers take a run at this.

"where a [sic] different suspects were replicants"