Can you do anything with a bottle of Kahlua if you don't like coffee?

I can’t stand the taste but I have this bottle sitting there, mocking me. Is there something I can mix it with that won’t taste like coffee or should I just give it away?

“Another Caucasian, Gary.”

Reduce it in a pan over high heat until it’s down to about a third, and use it as a syrup/glaze for crepes.

Decorative Molotov Cocktail

It smells exactly like Tide Free, try that.

Because reducing it will eliminate the undesirable taste?

If you really don’t like it, gift it.

This. I always thought white Russians tasted more chocolaty than coffee-y.


Oh, Kahlua doesn’t have an undesirable taste.

In a blender put ice, ice cream, kahlua and a liquor I can’t remember (nut based I think) and blend into a nice milk shake. Guy called it a White Cloud here.

Probably Frangelico, which is hazelnut flavored. Similarly, you can add Bailey’s, or really any of those dessert liqueurs.

Um, add a spoonful to a cold glass of milk to make something that tastes like chocolate milk.

Besides that, nope.

Bake it into a chocolate Kahlua cake.