Canada - More than America's Hat?

I thought we could use a dedicated Canadian politics thread. Most recently, the Canadian Finance minister stepped down as the result of this scandal:

It took way to long for Morneau to get kicked to the curb.

I do find the contrast between American and Canadian political scandals to be darkly amusing.

Canada will be the bastion of Democracy in North America (along with Mexico? Not sure how legit their system is these days) if Trump wins again, so get your game faces on!

My bad! I did search beforehand, but “Canada” doesn’t pull up “Canadian” apparently.

I’ve been reading about this stuff for the past month or so, and it’s messed up.

Yeah the new one is “hundreds” which God knows how many that will end up being. It’s really beyond the pale. I’m of the firm belief that schools should not have mass graves. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here.

We already knew the residential school system was a nightmarish disaster and now we are finding out it’s an order of magnitude worse than we thought.

The idea of forcing First Nations children to go to these schools was despicable and evil policy and giving it to the church to administer of course just compounded the evil.

They found another one, even worse.

Seems like it’s substantially more than was estimated in the 2015 report

It will take a lot of time an effort to uncover and identify those in the unmarked graves. In the meantime,; the Catholic Church in Canada feels it is being unfairly put upon by this.

Of course they did.

Which is why I love Ed Trevors so much. He just comes out with “we did this, we need to own it, we’re the villains of the piece, we need to be better”.