Can't find my hotmail account for one of my email addresses online SOLVED

I’ve been using Windows Live Mail 2011 for years and it worked well for me. I switched to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and now I can’t use Live Mail and instead have to use Edge, which I hate in comparison to the old Live Mail. First I tried upgrading to Live Mail 2012 and that didn’t work. I tried to find a solution to continue using Live Mail in Windows 10 and one solution said to delete the account and change settings to imap. I deleted the account and tried to follow the instructions but it still doesn’t work. The problem is now I can’t find my email account online when I go to the live mail website (which is now called Outlook). I can only find my secondary email address that I use as a throw away. I used to be able to log into both accounts separately, but now I can only see the secondary email account online. Is this because I deleted the account (I deleted the account from within Live mail 2012 after upgrading to 2012)? How do I access my primary email address online again? I can see all my emails in my primary address using Edge, but it makes me nervous that I can’t find the account online. How do I solve this?

Never mind, I found out I had to log out of the old account (the log off option was not obvious) and log into my primary account. However, if anyone has a solution to use the old Live Mail instead of the crap Edge mail app I’d love to hear it.