Can't make PSN purchases

So here’s my problem. I’m living in Japan and until recently I’ve had no problem buying games or whatever from the PSN store. Now however, every time I want to buy something from PSN I get an 80023102 error or a “funds cannot be transferred” error. The last thing I bought from the store was Magic the Gathering for $7.99 from my PSN Plus trial on June 17th. Since then I haven’t been able to buy shit. I contacted Sony of course but their solutions didn’t do anything for me. I’ve tried re-inputting my data and whatnot and I get nothing. One thing that I find odd is that whenever I try to buy something, in the cart screen it always says that there is $0.00 tax which is weird because I have a Canadian PSN account so there is usually a tax charge applied. I’m wondering if that is part of the problem and if there’s anything I can do about it. Is there anyone else living in Japan who can buy from their own country’s PSN store?
I replied to the Sony help and told them my problem and the $0,00 tax thing (but forgot to mention that I was living in Japan) and they basically told me to go buy some PS Network cards. Great.

Has this always worked? I mean how long have you been living in Japan and using a Canadian PSN id? I know you can’t buy stuff from foreign PSN accounts with an U.S. credit card so I assume it would be the same overseas, meaning you can’t buy stuff from the Canada PSN with a Japanese credit card.

Is the Canadian PSN the same as the U.S.? If so you should be able to buy PSN codes off of Amazon to add to your account. Kind of a backwards way of doing it but might be your only option.

I’ve been doing it since getting my PS3 in late 2007. Canadian address and Canadian credit card. I suppose I’ll have no choice but to try the cards. I’m worried I’ll get $20 put onto my account and not be able to use it though.

I’m a Canadian living in Korea and I have the same problem. I didn’t have this problem before and I tried to purchase something today and got the same error message.

Did it work for you yet?

Oh, then I see no reason why it shouldn’t work. I meant Sony blocked U.S. credit cards on a Japanese PSN account. So if you have a Canadian credit card on a Canadian PSN account it should work unless they’re now blocking it so you can only access your local PSN network.

Check that your bank isn’t blocking the transfer.

I have a US version Rock Band, so I need to buy my RB DLC in the US shop on my Euro PS3. Quite some time ago, my Euro credit card stopped working as well, but since then, I’ve funded my wallet with US PSN Cards bought online. There’s a fee on those cards - but in my case, it’s more than made up by the huge price difference between US and EU PSN shops.

I’ve been using someone called Maximus Cards, and they’ve worked well for me.

I bought some PSN cards and they work fine so the issue doesn’t seem to be with PSN. I’m using the same cc as ever though so it seems strange it would change all of a sudden. I’ll check with my bank nevertheless.