Car Battery Recommendations?

My car battery is struggling, anyone got any recommendations they’d swear by before I just start googling reviews?

My mechanic uncle always swore by Die Hard.

Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Battery warehouse will set you up without the stupid sales stuff from AutoZone or other national chains.

No, that would Love, Actually.

Costco has good Interstate batteries at a great price and no warranty overselling bullshit

I would like to NON-recommend anything Duracell branded, for either starting or deep cell or SLA batteries. I have had several in the last 3 years which have died a very young life.

I’ve been using Interstate batteries for years now. They’re great. 7 year warranty. And they typically die just after the warranty is up, so they are predictable.

Before that, I was always happy with Sears Die Hard. Haven’t owned one of those since the 1980’s though.