Card Hunter: card mechanics and details

Title Card Hunter: card mechanics and details
Author Scott Lufkin
Posted in Game diaries
When September 17, 2013

With Card Hunter out and running very well since it's had a bit of time to stabilize, and now that I've talked about the basic mechanics on how to play, I thought I'd next take a minute to look at the actual cards themselves..

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Up to level 7 in Cardhunter now, and I find their leveling mechanic to be a trifle annoying. When you level up you get the usual things like more HP. You may also get a new item slot. This is not necessarily a good thing. An empty slot adds a set of mediocre cards to your deck. So as you level up you wind up with a larger and larger deck. Even if you are able to maintain at a good level of card quality by getting good items (not always easy if you are free to play) this still adds a lot of volatility to the card draw. The encounters are fairy well balanced, even if the AI can be a bit odd at times, so this volatility does act as a balancing mechanic. Plus, I guess it serves as an incentive to pay up to receive the extra items as loot.

Oh, you'll end up with plenty of items without dropping a dime on the game, I promise. And I think level 7 is the last level you unlock an item slot, FYI.

Damn, I'm L7 but was really hoping for a 2nd Wizard skill.
Waiting to Friday night to get the Starter park for maximum weekendage + 2 holidays!
Still have all 150 free pizza unspent, is there moar?.

More "free tutorial" Pizza? I don't think so. Blow it on 5 chests, and get a bunch of epic l00tz! :)

"Loner" does count enemy units as "characters" but has no duration because it hits you once then vanishes. I've got one off an Elf skill on my mage since she's my primary ranged attacker and it hasn't killed her yet, though it did once take her from 9 hp to 1hp when it came up when I was being swarmed by Kobolds.

Ah, ambiguous descriptions. Wherever card games go, the struggle of figuring out those cards is sure to follow.

"descent quality boots"
"In in the case of damaging attack cards"
"F lame Spit"
"T he problem"
"the games verbiage"