Card Hunter: to battle!

Title Card Hunter: to battle!
Author Scott Lufkin
Posted in Game diaries
When September 16, 2013

Today's diary entry will focus on the meat and potatoes of Card Hunter --the combat. When I first watched some gameplay I was able to figure out the general idea behind how the game works - you play a movement card to move, you play an attack card to attack, simple..

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Great article! Thanks for the tips. I picked up the starter edition of this game the other day and I've really enjoyed it. It's too easy to look up and realize three hours have passed. Looking forward to more articles!

I'm confused about the armor cards. Are they generally kept or generally discarded?
"Most armor cards are discarded"
"One example is armor cards as they generally get kept in your hand"

It looks like there might be an issue that is stripping out space characters, given the several missing spaces that are listed below.

"Today’s diary entry will focus on the meat and potatoes of Card Hunter –[ ]the combat."
"everyone then draw[s] cards."
"Your units will each start with four cards –[ ]three will always be drawn from your deck and the fourth will[ ]always be a movement card."
"dwarves get a two movement “Walk”[ ]card."
"If a card contains [the] keyword “Keep”[ ]then it stays in your hand."
"These plates do have a drawback –[ ]they do not prevent[ ]damage from behind"
"your attack [will] almost certainly be reduced to nothing."
"having more of your figures on victory squares than your opponent does [yield] you a point"
"understand the game[']s systems better"
"Simply having amazing cards isn't enough –[ ]you have to know how to play the game."