Cas Latency Question

Has anyone ever quantified what the performance difference is between CAS 2.0 and CAS 2.5 memory? How much faster, percentage-wise, is 2.0 from 2.5? Or is it so absolutely miniscule that it doesn’t really matter?


Well, here’s one:

0, basically.

CAS 2.0 RAM will also usually have faster “precharge to active”, “acttive to precharge,” and “active to CMD” latencies.

Okay, in human speak - CAS 2.0 RAM is generally going to net you something like 0-4% total performance boost over CAS 2.5. This, of course, depending on the motherboard/CPU you’re using, the program’s sensitivity to random RAM access (games are typically good candidates), and so on.

0-4%, that’s your answer. :)

CAS 2.0 is supposedly better for overclocking/system tweaking because it will support faster memory timings. The difference is marginal though. I have CAS 2.0 memory in my system mainly because it happened to be on sale at NewEgg at the time and was only like $9 then the normal memory.