Casting about for Uncharted-like games for the PS3

… and found Enslaved, which I’ve found immensely enjoyable (not least for the modeling and voice acting) – if a little rail-like for my taste in places. But now I’m stuck (probably over some small stupid omission, but stuck nevertheless) so I’m looking for something else [similar]. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Not entirely sure what you’re asking for, but there’s a few days left on the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta. If competitive shooting isn’t your thing then you can check out the adventure co-op for a taste of the single player stuff to come, though I’m given to hear that it’s pretty buggy at the moment.

Uncharted is rather singular. I have a hard time coming up with comparable games in terms of gameplay and production value. Enslaved is about it, and as you say, that one is very rail-y.

Enslaved is indeed great.

Have you tried the Infamous games? You get the climbing and shooting, although the story is not as good, IMO.

Infamous is indeed great.

For something a little bit different and kinda gross, you might want to try Kane & Lynch 2, which is a rather short (around 4 hours single player) but sorta sweet TPS with a very distinctive aesthetic, and pretty original gunplay. You play as an old man, the camera has lo-fi artefacts and a hard time following you, you’re evil, and you shoot like shit. It gives the game a sense of despair that is quite unusual. I guess it costs less than ten bucks nowadays.

Vanquish is another great take on the TPS genre, a sci-fi one this time, directed by Shinji Mikami. The environments are rather bland, but the action is over the top and it plays like Gears of War on rocket-wheels, as you have to dash from one place to another in order to cooly execute waves of robotic commies.

Those two games aren’t Uncharted-like in the way they present a story, but they’re different takes on the TPS with cover subgenre.

What is it you like about Uncharted? If it’s simply the level of polish and production values, I don’t think you’re going to find anything else in the same category.

I don’t consider Vanquish as similar to Uncharted in any meaningful way when considering the play experience.

If it’s the adventuring in exotic locales you liked, you should definitely play Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood if you haven’t already.

Tomb Raider Legend is the pre-Uncharted Uncharted, IMHO; unfortunately I don’t think it came out for the PS3.

There’s a Tomb Raider Collection out for the PS3 now that does include Legend.