CD Projekt Red announces new Witcher saga in partnership with Epic

Right, but that is more building and terrain geometry (or individually placed trees) than grass and other slight visual variations that don’t really need object interactions calculations every single frame.

I would love this! Let me make my own Witcher!

I do not want to play a Witcher at all. I want to play a mage.

Oh that would be cool too. I have a hard time picturing a game that will let you go either way with it, because it seems like they would have very different story/quest lines.

That said…we’ve got 3 games as a Witcher. Maybe it’s time to let us play a mage, and just let that be the focus!

Would be awesome if they could let you go either way with it, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around how they set the game up like that.

Nobody is going to shift a massive game like Cyberpunk to an entirely new new engine just to publish some DLC. Especially with all the sunk costs they’ve put in to fixing the game up since launch.

Yeah, that cracked me up.

I think one of the best parts of the Witcher series has been that it’s been shaped around a specific character, one that speaks with Doug Cockle’s voice and has the history and worldview of Geralt, and his relationships with all the colorful characters inhabiting their world. I feel that strength outweighs the value of being able to pick out nose shapes and hair color, so I personally would rather have a pre-configured character.

I don’t think that post suggested that at all. Simply that the Cyberpunk expansion might be the only one, as CDPR might not be keen to keep investing effort and time in publishing stuff for a game running on the old engine when they are focusing on the next game on a completely different engine (i.e. time spent further fixing that engine or expanding what it can do in an expansion might not be appealing). Did I misunderstand?

I can see the argument, but I would have thought the main factor would be how the DLC sells. If it does gangbusters, I doubt they’re going to refuse to do more just because it’s on the old engine.

Right, but the implication some people are taking is that if you shift the majority of your company over to a new engine, you may not want to continue working with the old engine even if the DLC “does gangbusters” because it would impact the adoption of the new tools.

It’s not like it couldn’t be separate teams hired and fired as needed, that never happens in such a company!

Yeah, that’s what I meant in my post. Sorry for any confusion! Specifically, I think we will get only one CP2077 expansion and then they’re done. They do not seem very publicly enthusiastic about Cyberpunk anymore - there is no roadmap of any substance, and no details on the expansion. I’m sure it will come with a grand 2.0 patch when it arrives, but I can’t see them being too invested after that with the engine and tooling shift, and prospect of green pastures with Witcher 4.

I could definitely see them adding smaller DLC packs to the game after the expansion to uphold CDP’s reputation for longterm support of their games - especially given the problematic launch of CP77. But given that the RED Engine team will transition to legacy/maintenance mode, I wouldn’t expect anything after the expansion to go a lot beyond the integration of new assets and quests, i.e. low on anything that would require them to add new functionality to the tech.

You could see them integrating any decent mods. The working metro say.

And they should seize hold of the VR mod :) Limited interest obviously, but very on theme.

As shared in the Cyberpunk thread, it looks like we’re getting at least 5 new Witcher games… Sounds a bit TOO ambitious after the trainwreck of the Cyberpunk launch, but I’m always curious about a Witcher game. Doubt they’ll be able to reach the lightning in a bottle of Witcher 3.

Seems a little early to announce a Cyberpunk sequel when the first DLC hasn’t even released. Shouldn’t there be a few years of expansions on what they already have?

There’s only going to be one expansion, and then they switch to the Unreal Engine for later stuff I think.

Interesting. In that case I may wait for the Gold edition that will come soon after that single expansion to play it all in one go/discount.

Looks like they’re mostly working on the next Witcher now.

Not impossible that’ll seriously rock.