Celtic Kings/Prince of Qin: Gold from Strategy First

Does anyone know anything about either one of these games? After this last Strategy First debacle, can any of us feel safe in picking up new Strategy First releases.

I see the PoQ demo is out. I have DL’ed it, but have not checked it out as of yet. It seems like a Celtic Kings demo should be released. Unless SF had 4.5 million pre-orders for it and do not think we need to try it first because of SF’s good name. :wink:

I previewed both for Gamersclick.

PoQ is a party-based Diablo type game. Backstory is restoring the hero to the throne, but the game play is Diablo. Better than Throne of Darkness, but the same idea. The ability to make your own weapons, and encase magic jewels in ones you have is major selling point of this one.

Celtic Kings is a nice looking RTS which looks like Age of Empires, but plays more like Kohan. Food supply, armies led by heroes, city upgrades leading to new units. Set in the Roman conquest/occupation of Gaul, its campaign is a Conan type revenge plot.

If I had to buy only one it would probably be CK. The random included with the preview demo had an inert AI, but the tutorial and campaign showed a respectable army.

Thanks. I am always nervous when games in which I am interested in go gold and there is still not much press out on them. I know companies like to release stuff stealthily sometimes to sell some units before the bad press gets out. CK looked intriguing from the one video I watched at the SF website.

I am assuming, since you did not mention any horrendous problems, that these two games are probably finished. As opposed to what folks have said about Strike Fighters.

Well, the previews were based on the preview demo disk SF gave us, so any problems they may have could crop up on the complete final version, or even get worse. As they were though, no major issues to address. No crashes, no slow downs, no wiped out hard drive. Pretty clean demo, though, aside from the annoying AI indolence on the one CK map.

PoQ did have a graphic conflict with certain hardware settings, but this was recognized and a promise was made to fix this issue.

I love the Celtic kings! Paulie Pierce will OWN the league this year! Antoine is the second coming of Magic Johnson!! And how about the newest addition: Vinny B is gonna dominate!!! Bring it on!!!

I could’ve sworn that I saw where a Celtic Kings demo was available, somewhere. Have you checked the official website for one?

Yep, just double checked. Only downloads are a couple of trailers.

Just triple checked. The forum says August 15th for the demo.

Hmmm…Well, then. My bad!

I should probably gloat or something at this point… um, go Lakers. Celtics couldn’t even get past snicker New Jersey snicker

I read on their website where an Alpha version was leaked out and I forget how, but it is certainly no where to be found. It may have been in Europe.

pulls glove from hand and prepares to slap

Allow me to point out that the Lakers never beat the Celtics last season, with or without Shaq. Get ready for a Jorden/Pippenesque season from my boys Paul and Antoine. They ARE that good.

A continuing problem with the Lakers is that they are unmotivated to play bad teams. Put someone good on the schedule, they feel challenged, they play well, and they win. They lost many games last season to weak teams that they should have destroyed. If you beat the Lakers consistently last year, it means you are still in your rebuilding phase. :twisted:

LA is a sports powerhouse. Don’t forget our football team went undefeated last year, too, amidst the collective yawns of the fans.

I’ll take the post season victories over anything during the season, thanks. If the season is a war, the individual battles are sorta irrelevant. Unless you’re a wargamer weirdo type.

Without any supporting players, the Celtics can lord over the East and get trampled by the team wins the West, since that’s where all the good teams are. Kind of like this year.

But of course your Celtics did get Vin Baker, which could be a good or bad thing. I lean toward the latter.

Bah… Iverson’s just going to threaten the whole league into bowing down to the Sixers. :)


Good to hear. Esoecially with the last few weeks being rather lean times. Strategy First certainly keeps up a good stream of stuff. Any one remember Ubi Soft’s Celtic Legends (1991)? I wonder if they have anything in common.


“Any one remember Ubi Soft’s Celtic Legends (1991)? I wonder if they have anything in common.”

Are you referring to Larry Legend? Sorry, bad joke…

Of course I would take post season victories over regular season victories any day. It was such a treat to actually have some this year. I would hardly call the Cs a rebuilding team, they did compete for the Conferance Finals, and I believe (opinion only of course) they would have beaten the Nets if they had been in the playoffs before. The worst part of that series was that Pierce took himself out of the series by mouthing off and saying no one could gaurd him. He got inside his own head. He was mostly right, they don’t have a decent matchup for him at all, but he couldn’t make an open bucket to save his life after he said that. Kidd was great of course, but with a little experience the Cs are going to be great (experience and hard won confidence).

I’m sick of the pompous West Coast teams. If Garnett is traded to the Nets then Garnett/Kidd become a serious opponent (although probably not enough to beat the Shaqs). The East Coast just has to have some of their players mature into MVP calibur guys (like Iverson), and I of course am hoping that the Celts are first in that department.

I did interviews for Celtic Kings and Prince of Qin for Gamersclick. I forgot ya’ll were still around. Need to drop Bulldog a line…

Head on over to check 'em out if you like. Prince of Qin got me excited. Some interesting ideas there but I’m a RoTK freak and any reference to historical China gets me curious. I’m not a big RTS guy but I might have gotten something useful in the Celtic Kings interview as well. YMMV.

Has anyone tried the Celtic Kings demo yet? I am DLing it right now.

Prince of Qin just seems like the average action/RPG stuff with a couple of extra features thrown in to differentiate it from the 100 or so others.