Change Radeon 9500 to Radeon 9700?

got this off the Rage3d Forums

I believe this shows how you go about getting a Radeon 9500 to a 9700

This is the thread at Rage3d

From what I understand it only works on select 3rd party Radeon 9500s

the differences between the cards are as follows:
9700 vs 9700 pro = diff clock speeds
9500(new design) vs 9500 pro = less pipelines
9500(old design) vs 9500 pro = less pipelines but the old design has a 256 mbit bus as opposed to the 128 mbit bus on the 9500 pro.

so to recap:

  1. 9700 Pro, 9700, and older 9500’s made by Sapphire Technologies use the same 256 mbit bus PCB design
  2. the newer 9500’s and the 9500 Pro use a different one

That was a post made by someone in the thread, how accurate it is, I’m not sure…


Yeah, sounds pretty cool. It will only work with a 128 MB 9500 (non pro). They run like $160. If I was handy with a soldering iron I might just try it myself.