Charles Martinet stepping down as voice of Mario (and Luigi, and Wario, and Waluigi...)

Wow, unexpected!

End of an era. I am a bit wary of this change, because it either means they get someone who basically replicates what Martinet did, or change direction - and while I don’t fear that it will be “Pratt, but in game form”…I am curious where this goes.

And I’m surprised they didn’t announce the new voice actor alongside this

It’s Nolan North’s time to shine!

(Nintendo, please don’t do this.)

Troy baker is Mario in

Time for FeMario and Jennifer Hale!

I wonder if this means that whatever they have planned for the next (gen?) mainline Mario game has Mario talking more, which probably wouldn’t fit with the way Mario has been voiced so far

Having a female Mario before letting us play as Zelda in a BotW-like world would be the rudest thing

Given how his SNL skit went, I’m thinking Pedro Pascal for Mario and Nic Cage for Waluigi.

I thought Chris Pratt was the new Mario voice? or was that just for the movie?

Oh, great, more Chris Pratt? And here I thought we were well past the Pratt Saturation Point!

The Earth solemnly awaits as the void of someone squeaking “It’s -a-me, Mario!” and “Woohoo!” must be filled.

We won’t know who the new Mario voice until the white smoke is released from the Mushroom Kingdom’s castle.

just the movie


He would be the worst choice. Just the worst.

Just remember, to an entire generation of young, dumb, and impressionable moviegoers, Chris Pratt is Mario.

Nintendo has only to make it official.

This truly is the darkest timeline

e: in all seriousness though, Pratt is probably too pricey to be Mario for the next decade plus.

Somewhere in Hollywood is a poorly trained machine learning algorithm that predicts media success rates. That algorithm always says “If Chris Pratt was in this movie, it would sell 3% more tickets. If Chris Pratt was involved with this video game, it would sell 4% more copies.”

And people listen to the algorithm. There’s no counterfactual because DEUS hasn’t yet been made public to look into other alternate worlds where the ML algorithm doesn’t exist, and show that the movie does indeed do better without Pratt’s involvement.

This is just the particular instance of the multiverse you’re stuck in.

Mario insists that the church he is a member of is not anti-kamek, despite what some of the records of the lead preacher of the church has shown.

He insists that any Kamek is free to join them in the Mushroom Kingdom chapel on Sundays.

Kamek, huh. Although now that you mention it, his spells were pretty rainbow-ish in Yoshi’s Island

Too bad Captain Lou Albano has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Thank you, Mario! But our pontiff is in another castle.

In response to Eurogamer’s inquiries, Nintendo told them Super Mario Wonder will feature a new voice talent for Mario/Luigi. And to please see the credits of that game when it comes out to see who the new Mario is. (I believe that’s scheduled for October release).