Cheap Riddick @ EB Games

I don’t know if the sales are localized, but my EB ad in the paper today (in Columbia, SC) has Chronicles of Riddick for Xbox for $9.99 11/26-11/28. If anyone was still on the fence about the Xbox version for some reason, I can’t imagine someone not enjoying it for $10. Even if you were holding out for the PC version, it’s a great deal.

It’s $10 at all EBs through the weekend. I definitely made sure people knew about it for my Christmas list. :)


Oh fuck off… I paid 70 bucks (Canadian) for that game. Good game… but come on! 70 Bucks!

That’s the new reality of gaming. Wait about six months and you’ll pay $20 or less. Sometimes it only takes two to four months for that price anymore. I rarely ever buy at $50 these days for that very reason.


Along those same lines, I picked up a couple of games from EB through their early morning Black Friday sale. You could get two Player’s Choice, Platinum Hits, Greatest Hits, etc. games for $25. I grabbed Mario Golf (GC) and NFL Street (Xbox). The cool thing was that I picked them up from their online store.

Yeah, that was a good deal they had for PC/PH/GH games.


I’m holding off for the PC version (which will retail for $30). I had the Xbox version for a time but sold it back. Based on what I played (approx half of the game) I think I’ll prefer the PC version.