Check out this bill I found in my mailbox today.

Picked this up here at my office, thought I needed to pay it at first, then looked closer and realized I didn’t even know this vendor. The disclaimer at the bottom of the page is laugh out loud funny, while also being not funny at all. What a shitty practice - I wonder how many folks fall for this and just pay for something without looking to close at it?

Anyway, just thought I’d spread the word in case any other IT pros out there find something like this in their mailboxes or have friends/relatives that may need to be alerted. I don’t think it’s a scam per se, I think it’s just a really shitty ad, but all the same, better safe than sorry.

That’s very common in Brazil, and nearly always a scam. :(

That is 100% a scam, not an ad.

That’s scam is often run with fake office supplies invoices.

Yup. We get them all the time.

Same. . . I’m not unconvinced that it’s not just the university department that supplies our printer paper and toner sending these things to our faxes everyday to slowly accrue extra money for themselves :)

Yep, very common stuff. Used to get that at work for credit card receipt paper/printers constantly.

That’s high-larryous right there.

Some fun reading for invoices of this type over at Popehat.

I get invoices like that at my office for various “Yellow Page Services” almost on a monthly basis.

If we embraced my “deadly, deadly traps” policy, you’d never see crap like this, because anyone falling for it would be dead.

Thanks. Killed my entire afternoon off, you bastard.

Send me an invoice.

I mean, we could solve a lot of world problems that way. No more water shortages!

It’s a wonder some people remember to breathe.

Do you by chance offer any life insurance policies?