Childhood Christmas Lists

So, reading the child rearing thread made me remember how, as a child, I was completely out of touch with reality in a much more cute and harmless way than I am now.

So I have a question, what are the stupidest things you remember asking Santa to bring you for Christmas?

My list is comprised of a jet pack OR wings like Hawkman, and a number of action figues that didn’t exist because I made them up, and a mace.

My argument to my parents was that, as a magical being capable of defying the laws of nature and stopping time, as well as being equipped with a magical elf workshop, my requests should be small potatos.

I shit you not, this was on every christmas and birthday list I made from about ages eight to eleven.

I am not sure if anyone remembers the episode of the original Star Trek where McCoy accidently does a huge dose of something called cordrazine and runs off half cocked to a planet much like Earth in the 1930s?

I wrote Gene Roddenberry to see if I could get some of that cordrazine stuff (for medical purposes only, of course). I was eleven or twelve. I am not sure what I wanted to do with it, but Mr Roddenberry never wrote me back.

A weather control machine, although by age 6 I was fairly certain santa didn’t exist.

Was that the demon with the glass hand? I can’t remember

edit: duh, thats an outer limits episode. Was the one you’re referring to written by Ellison? City on the Edge of Forever?

That’s gotta be the one. Best original series episode ever. (BRING ON THE DERAIL!)

Yes, City on the Edge of Forever. Written by Ellison. At the end, Cpt Kirk says, “Lets get the hell out of here.” It had it all: humor, pathos, time travel and the good doctor running amok on cordrazine. Murderers!

If you google these keywords, you get a plot summary:

star trek drugs mccoy