Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers Not a Reboot

This looks super freaking fun.

Totally on board.

That looks like a fun movie.

Insufficient Gadget.

Never forget!


I was asking my friends what the contemporary equivalent would be to Magnum and Indy garb for kids in the early 2020s looking back to the 2010s and maybe late 2000s pop culture. Then my friend reminded me of the 2018 Magnum P.I. TV show reboot and 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So that tracks, I guess.

But the trailer also points out exactly where the Indy inspiration came for Chip.

I’m on board, but could they have gotten Mulaney and Samberg to do… I dunno, anything at all with their voices? I don’t hear characters, I just hear John Mulaney and Andy Samberg.

Speaking for myself, this is what I want!

This is out today! I thought it was a lot of fun. Sort of a Who Framed Roger Rabbit for this generation, made by people with an encyclopedic knowledge of and reverence for all things animation. Very self aware. It might be better or worse for you depending on how close you are to the target of the fan service (I’m right in its crosshairs, so I found a lot to like).

Glad to hear it was good, as a kid from that generation , who also loved the NES game.

OMG IT’S OUT! I hope we can watch it this weekend!

OMG this was amazing. If you’re of a certain demographic, like I am, 99% of the jokes will hit you square in the face. Also an AMAZING voice cast. My god I loved it.

It was super freaking fun. I also felt like it was really pandering to me, which makes me wonder how many of those jokes are gonna fly right over the heads of kids watching this thing.

Anyway, fuck 'em, they get enough movies!

Watched this, thought it was fun as well. Suffered from a lot of the trope-y nature of kid’s movies plot wise, but it was basically inoffensive.

The world building and animation were really fun. I still absolutely abhor the weird 2.5d CG animation they are trying to do with some of the characters. It looks bad, and they should feel bad for not actually animating those things.

The “CGI surgery” idea was neat. The world-building was really cool in this, an evolution of the Roger Rabbit kind of world.

We gotta talk about John Mulaney though, he uhh… should not be a voice actor. Was he on benzos the entire time he recorded this? Some of his delivery was o.k. but overall it was distractingly bad. I understand he is a stand-up comedian first, and an actor second, but it really detracted from the film. This is especially noticeable when he is opposite Andy Samberg, who does NOT have a problem being a great VO actor. I don’t remember Chip sounding like he was coming out of a coma in the animated series, but that was 30 years ago.

It may have also been the script, the “straight” character’s dialogue was pretty hacky overall, I am sure Kiki Layne is a fine actress, but man she felt like she was in another planet in this. I would assume it is probably because she was emoting to a tennis ball on a stick in a green-screen room the entire film, but it just didn’t work.

Definitely worth watching for the bazillions of references and genuinely funny humor and gags throughout.

Well, I think in everything else, Chip and Dale are like Alvin style chipmunks, with pitch-shifted voices. I understand not wanting that for an entire movie, but I’m not sure this was entirely successful either.

I watched the beginning of this movie yesterday on Disney+. This is a riot so far. The section with Ugly Sonic had me laughing out loud. My kid was very confused, as he’s just starting to like Sonic (I’ve been playing Sonic Generations with him watching) and wasn’t sure why I was laughing.

My kids were inspired to watch the original cartoon after seeing this.

For those who haven’t watched this, its. basically a Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel in terms of tone and content.

I enjoyed this. It’s not quite up to Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s level, but what is?

The animation can be spotty - and not just for the Uncanny Valley characters; the big bad sometimes looks like he’s in a toon-shaded Zelda game. The world building can be erratic (Just to stick to ages: why did the big bad age when many other characters didn’t? If he does age, shouldn’t he be much older? Why do Chip and Dale look the same age as they were in the 90s? etc. etc.) Some of the jokes, like the movie billboards, feel kind of beside the point.

The most important thing, though, is that it’s not a soulless and cynical exercise in marketing like Ready Player One or Space Jam. You get the feeling the people behind it both wanted to make it and had fun doing so.

The cameos and references are impressive, and often surprising. In some cases (Batman and Mr. Natural) I get the feeling they threw them in there without getting permission, basically saying, “You wanna sue Disney? Good luck with that.” Which is ironic, given the premise of the movie.

An old buddy from school supervised this, and he has a full screen cameo of himself as a cartoon wiping camera (with a gym towel leaving the spa)… I liked that!

My family liked the film quite a bit, just a fun script without needing to go over the top ( the big evil here wasn’t destroying the city or turning everyone into tadpoles, and it felt fresh to have a small scale plot for once).

My main gripe was that Chip was supposed to be 2D, but he was actually 3D toon shaded… but to be fair, making him hand drawn would have been much more difficult and time consuming with tracked and constantly moving cameras, and ultimately might have been more distracting for it. Interestingly I feel Chip as a 3D toon was way more pleasant to watch than Dale in full 3D.

I was hoping Gadget would have had a bit more to do, I found myself wanting more of her.

This was alot of fun!

Chip n Dale, lonely island, and a good script. Can’t recall enjoying much on disney+ for quite awhile but this was fab.