Chris Avellone leaves Obsidian


A lot of people, did just from the usual Steam-related sources. he Fig campaign was very successful, but they did less than half the backer numbers compared to the kickstarter. No idea if that correlates to anything (certainly not doing <10% of the first game’s sales), but it’s interesting all the same. Also Paradox published the first but this was published by Versus Evil. Did that make for less marketing? shrugs. It got very good reviews (deservedly so), but a lot fewer people were interested this time around.


Maybe a consequence of the first being raised on too high a pedestal? Leading to many people simply not following up on the sequel after falling out of the first?


PoE got too epic too early IMO. I felt there was “nothing left to see” in terms of the pantheon of gods/religion or whatever.


I thought the first game ended poorly and that probably wouldn’t help a sequel, but I didn’t think it would be that bad. I don’t really use most of today’s common advertising vectors so it’s not a reliable indicator but I certainly didn’t see any. I also think their DLC model was a mistake. It’s hard enough to get people to play and talk about a long form RPG that isn’t already famous; don’t give me reasons to put off playing it by pre-announcing a long DLC plan.


I like PoE, the game and the story, but I don’t think I like the world, if that makes sense.

PoE2 was a lot better, but it had issues on release. Like the fact that you could basically roll your face on the keyboard and beat the hardest difficulty. They fixed that, but it’s one of those things that people remember.

Plus the structure of PoE2 is… just kind of weird. The main story felt rushed if you focused on it. Of course the secret to that is to just sail around doing stuff and having a good time, but it runs into the Fallout 4 issue.
“The World is Literally Ending!”
“Yeah, but check out this thing over here. And what’s over there? I’m gonna go look at that!”


The Glassdoor reviews tell an interesting tale, which is mostly consistent with Avellone’s account of events. Some early reviews (like 2013) mention similar structural problems to the ones he’s been airing so notoriously.

Also interesting is the timing: most of the negative reviews on Glassdoor started in early 2018. Well before Chris went “public” with all these issues. I think there was something, unspoken of or mentioned just in passing, that was a trigger… pissing off him, or making him remember how pissed off he used to be.

I think that criticising a company - which you left 3 years ago and seeks financing from private investors - is as unprofessional as it is unpatriotic to denounce sketchy behaviour of elected public officials. Most whistle blowers are disgruntled employees, too.


The difference is you don’t need to apply to different nations to take you in after shitpanning your home country. That’s why it’s unprofessional, because it’s career suicide.


Unless he’s financially independent.


I am just here to declare my eternal love to the people that make great games great.


Make games great again!


Tell that to Jamal Kashogghi’s partner.

I get your point, but I think he is pretty much at the Nietzschean level of making the rules of the career game.


This got me wondering what kind of game we’d get if we put Trump in charge of Obsidian.


I feel like if Trump could beam his consciousness into a game it would be sorta like Saints Row IV but without the ironic wit.


Maybe an anime dating parenting simulator where every girl is his daughter at various ages?


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I read through most of the MCA vs Obsidian CRPGcodex yarn a while ago. Somewhere in there he does mention he doesn’t have to work if he wanted to.


Avellone was an Obsidian co-founder. That means he just lost out on a TON of money with the acquisition.


Was the acquisition confirmed?
edit: yes it was confirmed:


Obsidian and Inxile posted youtube videos about it, so yeah.


He might have vested options or shares.