Christien Murawski, 1969-2019

Rest in peace. Condolences to his family and friends.

Christien and I mainly talked to each other in the food thread. I always considered him a great father, a wonderful person. And a friend that I just hadn’t met in person yet. Though I hoped that one day I might.

Go with God man. You are still alive in out hearts. That will never fade.

Death, be not proud, though some have called thee

Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;

For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow

Die not

This is sad news. My condolences to his family, friends, and the Qt3 community.

I’m very sorry everyone.

Oh, Tom, Fire, I’m so sorry to hear this. Christien was one of a few people on Qt3 who consistently exhibited warmth, compassion and thoughtfulness and I had hoped I might get a chance to meet him one day. Stay strong, you guys will pull through this somehow.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why we must lose the best of us, while evil is allowed to exist. I have to believe that it makes us stronger, more determined, more committed to ensure that those we lose stay with us in what they represented, believed in and contributed. Christien struck me as the type of spirit we should aspire to be.

I only met him in person once, along with Tom after they came to a silly talk I gave on crocodiles in LA many years ago. That they were thoughtful enough to attend this small group of reptile enthusiasts and engage completely with the presentation is something that’s stayed with me. They met my wife Erin and we spent a hugely enjoyable few hours together at a nearby bar, drinking beer and chatting about crocodiles, movies, games, life, and… well it doesn’t matter, all I know is that it made a lasting impression on us both. I know we’d have all seen a lot more of each other if we’d lived closer.

Then a few years later my dad passed away, and I wrote something on QT3 about it. I was deeply touched to receive a hand-written letter from Christien shortly afterwards, relating stories about his own father and extending his love and support. I have only kept a handful of letters in my life outside of my immediate family, and Christien’s is one of them, right next to the one from David Attenborough (also handwritten and heartfelt). Every so often I got a kick out of hearing Christien mention our meeting, or our crocodile work, or the crocodile movie that we worked on. He had a seemingly inexhaustible supply of intelligence and compassion, as though he’d gotten some really lucky dice rolls while creating his character. His posts on QT3 were a highlight. Who can forget his “QT3 Word of the Day” thread?

As with anyone, they’re never truly gone. They leave the world changed, in this case for the better, they instil us with memories, stories and influence our view of the world in ways we don’t really understand. Stories are perhaps the best kind of immortality, and on that front Christien is set.

That made me cry. My heart just breaks for everyone who knew him deeply.

In between tears I was raging about this all night. Grief, anger, grief, anger.

Christien I, we all, loved you. Besides being one of the most funny people I’d ever known in my entire life, you were kind, and intelligent. You were the epitome of the good guy. Not just a good guy, but more like the heroic character of a movie. Maybe this planet just didn’t deserve someone as good as you and the powers that be needed you for another Universe. Maybe you could find a way to communicate across quantum time so we could hear your wonderful voice again. In the meantime life will never be the same without you. If there was ever a virtual, digital, monolith - we should construct one to remember you by and celebrate your life.

I’ve written and re-written and pushed words around for a while now. What’s basically true, at least for me, is that there are times where words don’t really do much. This is one of those times. What could I add? I can mostly just echo the chorus. Christien was so warm and disarmingly kind. He felt like an old friend, even the first time you met him.

I love to make people laugh. I always have. Laughter is my way of dealing with things. I love to make my friends laugh. One of my favorite people to crack up was Christien. As @Lenkenobi said, he had a perpetually bemused look, like you and he were the only ones in on the joke. When talking to him, you couldn’t help but smile.

Love you, buddy. Hope to see you again.

I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m sorry to those who knew him personally and to his family. What a tragedy. I was so happy to hear he was getting better the other day. So sad 😞

I am so sorry to hear and my condolences to all who were close to him.

Rest in peace Christien. My condolences to his family and close ones.

So sorry to see this news. Such a shame.

Vale Christien.

What a terrible note to end the year on. I really appreciate the stories people are sharing, though.

I really didn’t have many interactions with Christien, I wish I’d had more, but this was the absolutely striking thing about him to me. He was so open, so friendly, and so warm to complete strangers online - it was this remarkable antidote to the depersonalization so common on the internet. He was a unique and much-needed voice and I am dearly sorry he’s gone.

My son and I had a brief, short notice trip to CA earlier this year and I was hoping to get to see Christien, Fire, and Tom, but we didn’t have a lot of time down there so we figured we’d wait and try to get together this summer when we’ll be down longer could spend more time visiting. Now I so wish we’d done even a quick dinner.

I’m crying here and explaining to my girlfriend how the loss of an online friend can hurt so much. Christien and I had a number of great exchanges about parenting, about when to let our sons see movies, and so on. He was an amazing dad, a wonderful person, and a pleasure to read and listen to. And he was the one I usually agreed with on the podcasts.

There’s nothing fair about mortality. My heart goes out to his son, to Tom and Fire, and to all his friends and family.

He will be remembered fondly and missed so very, very much.

Death will take us all, everyone. You don’t get to choose when, or how, or with whom. The best you can hope for is people will miss you when you are gone. Christien will be missed my so many people who never met him in person, who only glimpsed his internet self. That’s pretty good.

Well that’s truly a fucked way to end a shitty year. My interaction with Christian were limited to the forum, but he struck me as intelligent and compassionate man and great friend of Tom. Like Danny I tended to side with him on the podcast.

My heart goes out Tom and all of those who knew Xtien so much better than myself.

Such sad news, so sorry.