Chrome Has Gone To Hell

I had a problem on my work computer with the previous update where everything went slightly more pink than it should have been. It was most noticeable on light grey, such as the default Qt3 background.

Handily that one was possible to fix with a config option change.

My laptop crashed like a motherfucker, and installed the new Chrome. You’re right, it looks like shit. I can’t differentiate my tabs anymore. Fortunately I found a theme (Pro Grey) that looks passably-not-shit and at least it’s now risen to the barely tolerable level. Perhaps there’s a “stop messing with my shit, Google” theme somewhere that I haven’t found yet.

You can go back to the old look in chrome://flags, search for layout.

Thanks stusser

Yes, thanks. The light-gray-on-slightly-different-light-gray look was really tough to parse.

Thanks stussers.

Using the flags change I have made my work chrome feels like a normal program again and not oversized and halfwitted.

So many settings, but I cannot figure which one would turn Chrome back to an usuable browser like it was in its previous version on my Mac. Even navigating those flags, it’s just a nightmarish slog. Google made me use Safari!

I originally set it back to the old UI too, but in the end stuck with the new one. I basically think it’s fine. Very subjective of course.

I ended up installing a slightly darker theme for the UI. The new default was way too bright for these tired eyes.

Doesn’t seem a lot different to me other than being rounder.

Which will no doubt be quietly patched out in the future, like all the other cool flag settings.

It will probably be patched out at some point, yes.

This is where I’m at.

What’s the issue with the tabs? The new UI doesn’t seem that different to me. Tabs that don’t have focus are all background grey, but are also nicely separated by the vertical lines and icons.

Doesn’t seem that hard to distinguish them or select them. And I’m speaking as a varifocal wearing nearly 50 year old. :)

I like the new rounded UI. Looks neat on mobile.

I like the roundiness, but my eyes find it more difficult to distinguish between tabs with the new look. The old one is less clean, but easier to parse at a glance.

For someone that has a constant amount of tabs going, the before:

And after:

So it’s mostly the lack of space at the top. I guess I can see that. I rarely have a lot of tabs open and never that many. I didn’t even notice the difference until you showed that.

Tabs are now much harder to parse and separate. Skipper’s example was my experience, except even worse in my case because the non-focus tabs now take on the window bar colour which makes it look like this:

Even when there are few tabs open, they all blend together in a way that the older ones did not because the visible separation between them is now unclear. It’s a worse user experience all round.

Ha! @Skipper and you are giving me flashbacks of stepping into my kids’ rooms and finding this kind of scene.

May I interest you in a little bit of browser bar spring cleaning? :)

No pizza boxes? No standing pools of liquid? Looks good to me.