Chrome Has Gone To Hell

Ha! My actual boys would be more along those lines. And so many random bits of cutlery along with the cans and wrappers hidden under the clothes.

The 20 year olds have started getting their act together. The 16 year old is still cultivating the mess.

I didn’t want to have to post anything too lifelike. It would make other parents who have gone through that sad.

I tend to use the browser tabs to remind myself about things during the day, often papers I need to read or forms I need to fill in, plus YouTube music I might be listening to. The goal is to be able to close Chrome by the end of the day. This does not always happen. :)

My eye will start to twitch at ten tabs. I am pretty sure I get anxious when there are seven so I quickly finish up and close those before it’s too late!

That’s my work laptop. It does look bad, but roughly from left to right, pined sites (email, utilities,) personal tabs like gaming and QT3, sites for work monitoring, anywhere from 5-10 tabs looking up issues on a problem or solutions, etc, and then random shit at the end.

There is a method to the madness. At home, I’ll only have 5-10 tabs, tops on my gaming laptop.

I’ve mentioned a few times here but I use The Great Suspender, which basically puts those tabs to sleep, saves the spot I was in and removes them from memory. So I just have to click on them to make them active again. I think that may be the difference with @krayzkrok’s tabs looking “active” while any that I haven’t actively used within about 5 minutes look dimmed.

I use The Great Suspender too, it doesn’t make any difference to the appearance of tabs on the bar.

Strange, you think it’s your theme versus mine? I think I’m just using the Chrome default, but the Great Suspender theme is set for “Light” as well.



Wait, you’re right. The extension has been disabled for some reason. My laptop did bluescreen last night and then Chrome installed its update, that might have had something to do with it perhaps? Anyway, GTS does dim the tabs slightly, but it’s more that I dislike the lack of differentiation between separate tabs. I’m trying it again and I guess I will have to get used to it, for the inevitable time that the old style is disabled in flags. The all-grey theme I found improves it.


I’m not sold on the blocky look of the tabs either. I guess we will see how that pans out. It is a pretty big change.

My Android Chrome has also updated to have a bit of a rounder look, though obviously tab differentiation is not an issue on phones. It seems a bit snappier to me, but I might be imagining it.

To those pinning tabs - I’m honestly curious, why? I just tried it and it makes them super tiny and you don’t even get details (like Inbox (2) for example). They don’t even seem to still be pinned if you close and relaunch the browser?

The circular icons in various places annoy me. I’m going to try Edge :)

I keep a bunch of sites open all the time. My RSS reader, a bunch of forums, and google hangouts for SMS. They do stay pinned if you restart the browser.

No filthy socks or underwear. Staged. Fake news.

I just switched to firefox, will try using it for awhile. I really didn’t like the visual differences with Chrome and even after a week or so I couldn’t get used to it. I like the UI look in FF so far.

Speed wise it’s considerably faster but I am still replacing extensions so we will see how that holds up. The big ones, last pass, vim-something, ublock are all in already though so it’s looking good.

Speed was the primary reason I switched to Chrome way back when it was first released, that and security, but policy changes at google and an obvious bend away from ‘don’t be evil’ along with slow Chrome performance prompted the change. The UI look was just the last straw.

The only thing I miss so far is the ability to quickly toggle the bookmark hotbar with ctrl-shift-B like in Chrome. Instead you have to open a cumbersome multistep customize menu. I can live with that.

Similar to Stusser, for things I hit all the time. Keep and Gmail were two on there, though I dont recall if I see notifications. Not a huge deal, I certainly do on my phone. The others pinned are tools for work. Pinned tabs stay upon reboot unless you close them. It makes sense to pin a tab if you use a single tab pane all the time on a site you are at constantly.

As an example, for QT3, I spin up (open in new) tabs and close tabs a lot, pinning it doesn’t make sense.

I also have a bookmark bar below the url input window. There I have a long line of icons, bookmarks that I edit the name out of and just use the icon as the bookmark. More than 90 percent of the browsing I do, I launch from one of those. You could call it the circle of trust.

Ah, gotcha guys. Sure. It’s just a difference in usage. I did try testing pinned tabs at work and they wouldn’t stay pinned, but it also squacked about a third party app that I use so that may be why.

I leave my tabs open and never have more than 5 or 6 (at the most) at a time, generally speaking. And all my book marks are organized in the bar below the tabs in sub-folders, which keeps how many icons I have along the bar down to a dull roar.

That’s… wow. Cool, thanks.

Yeah, I fit about 20 up there and still have room for 5 folders all in visible sight with that trick.

I also got rid of most visited. I know what sites I visit most. They’re right here. In my bookmarks bar.

In practice there are still a few with a limited description. I know where they are by heart mostly at this point, but it makes getting to things that require a bookmark about 5 times as easy and 10 times as quick to just have a small, concise bar like that. Obviously it works best with sites that have an icon, which is the bulk of things these days. This is for reference.