Chuck D and Quincy Jones

Wonderful interview on Chuck D’s Musicians Studio on the SUndance channel reviewing just a snippet of the unbelievable career and life of Quincy Jones.

I love Chuck D. He is simply too smart and talented to not be active in some form of media where he can get his thoughts and views out. When someone has become as ubiquitous as Quicy Jones and is so consistently successful, you forget how important and unique he is.

I could have watched hours instead of the 45 or so minutes we got.

That sounds great, so I hope this Sundance special makes its way to Youtube since I missed it. Quincy is one of the true music geniuses of the past several decades. Precious few others are on his level.

Not to hijack the thread and turn it into politics (which would be tough to avoid anyway, seeing how it’s Chuck D and all), but I have had a fierce hate-on for Air America Radio ever since they removed Chuck from their daily 9AM slot. He was partnered with two really good co-hosts too, Rachel Maddow and Liz Winstead. AAR has virtually nothing else that you could even call “listenable” let alone really good, so I still fail to understand why they did this. It was kind of adding insult to injury that the replacement for their show was, of all people, Jerry Springer.

Now Chuck’s got some late-night Saturday slot or some shit, which is far far far beneath him. It’s kind of cool that his show is (or was at one point - I haven’t gotten to hear it in a long time) alongside Steve Earle’s music show so that you get two really cool musicians one after another, but you can’t NOT have Mistachuck on a daily basis. WTF was AAR thinking?!

It is being reshown according to TiVo, so check your local listings.

Chuck and Liz WInstead? Damn. I hate I missed that.