City of Heroes Poll - QT3 SG

Have fun. I’m just kidding. Not really. I’m thinking of an anti-shootclub super-group alternative (need a name) now that I’m 10th level.

I’m in SC but I feel like an ad for Target. So, yeah, silly and fairly awful the logo and the color scheme. Not any real in-game rationale. OTOH, it’s cool getting to see the guys I know from these forums in a game. I split my time between the roleplayers from SWG and the Shoot Club team.

I don’t care about the name at all - it is, for example, a lot better than “The League of the Slightly Above Average” - but the colors and logo are rather ugly. Not even the logo so much as the colors.

Shoot Club I can live with as a name, though I’d rather we have a name that’s a bit more impressive and super-heroy. Just because it’s the qt3 Supergroup doesn’t mean we have to have a qt3 name - but my god, seriously, we MUST lose those colors and that insignia.

I kinda like the colors and the logo…course, the Qt3 eyeball symbol has yellow,white and blue if we wanted to adopt those colors instead. Is there an eyeball chest symbol?

Well, there’s a regular almond-shaped eye symbol, as well as the Eye of Horus symbol.

I propose we use the regular eye with Blue and Yellow as the new color scheme.

I’m responsible for the logo and color scheme, since I was the first of four or five of us playing together one night to reach 10th level, and was urged to get Shoot Club started. I did it in a hurry and agree that the color scheme is awful (I like the red, but the beige sucks). I don’t mind the logo. When everybody’s in a group with the team colors on, the whole package actually looks pretty cool (even the beige – especially on armored chracters like Soviet Menace or Voltaic Storm). Shoot Club’s ramshackle nature has ended up being pretty funny, I think – and I’m finding the humorous aspects of CoH to be the most rewarding. That first night, someone (Unknown Man? Senshi?) cracked that our motto should be, “Do you want fries with that?”

Of course, Shoot Club is a totally democratic group, so if a new logo and color scheme were desired, we would change it – except that, apparently you can’t change either after the initial registration. Which I didn’t know when I made those initial decisions. So, apologies to all concerned.

If you want a more serious sounding/looking superhero group, then get to 10th level, register one with a more serious name, better logo and colors, and invite Qt3ers to join.

Anyone wishing to join the League of Extraordinary Superheroes may apply with Apparation on Virtue. (Yes, it’s “Apparation,” not “Apparition.” I only noticed yesterday that I misspelled the stupid thing. Me, an anal grammar cop and all. Oh well. Karmic justice, I guess…)

It was Unknown Man. The red looks good on most characters, but on him it looks like a smoking jacket.

If you want a more serious sounding/looking superhero group, then get to 10th level, register one with a more serious name, better logo and colors, and invite Qt3ers to join.

Hell no, it’s way too fun with you-all. I’m trying to convince some people over on Pinnacle to come over because they’re sick of playing with the 15-year-old Blasters. We have a name for these types of characters in our RPG group, “Frontline Sniper.” Make a character with good movement, speed, stealth and ranged attack, then charge headlong into every battle and cost the healer all his endurance because you have no armor.

/Doc Density/
er /jeep/

lol, i guess that would be me, its a bad habit i have from playin planetside, i’m slowly getting to where i dont’ rush in anymore, so have patience with me guys lol, other than that and running next to the monsters making them kill us all lol, i just gotta remember i’m not as invincible as i think i am

I’ve done the same thing at times.

My problem is that my characters both have powerful cone attacks that are basically wasted if I hit less than three enemies. Worse than that, Atomic Energy has an Irradiate power that’ll do 20 or 30 damage each to an enormous crowd…but the AoE is centered on ME. You’ll often see me run forward, fire off a burst of glowing green gas, and then dashing back while dozens of "-3"s rise up from the enemy.

I have emailed everyone I can possibly think of in-game that has permissions for the Shoot Club supergroup on the Virtue server

I don’t get any responses back for the past 4 days…

my name is Insidious, a controller/healer (lvl10)

add me to the damn supergroup already!! :) :) :)

We’ve come to lovingly call that his “Bean Burrito” attack.

So wrong, but so funny.

Message Voltaic Storm if you see him on. He’s me, and I can add you.