Civ 4 on sale for 48 hours at GoGamer

GoGamer is selling Civ IV DVD (PC) for $35 as part of their 48-hour madness sale. Rywill’s “Various Victories” thread will sell you on this game if you aren’t sure about it. Use this link to support QT3 with the purchase.

how will it work on a 3400 Athlon XP 1Gig Ram with only a 9600 Ati card?

I’m still annoyed that the US release of the collector’s edition only came on CDs (instead of on a DVD).

  • Alan

It works for me with an 1800 Athlon XP, 1Gig Ram, and a Geforce 4400. It works, although I have to turn the the graphics down and the late game still crawls. I suspect you should be fine.

Jazar, I have about the same rig. I’m in 1024x768, everything on High, no AA. Runs fine, although it gets a little choppy in the Global view, but still playable. No complaints, looks great.

Get it.


I’ve got an Athlon 1.5GHz (named 1800XP) with all of 768MB ram and a killer 64MB GeForce 2. It runs a little slow, but it’s turn based so it’s not that big of an issue. If they’d just fix the late-game crashes, (and better yet the savegame reload crashes) I’d be one happy camper. The patch fixed most of the graphical glitches and bugs, just not the performance and stability. However, this is a great game that any self-respecting gamer should play. It’s quite possibly the best 4X game ever made.

Man, I was really excited until I noticed the need for a DvD drive. I had one of those about 5 years ago but when it burned out I just got a cd-r instead. It’s not really a sale if I have to buy a new drive to play it.

My wife has a DVD-ROM though - can I install it on her machine and then copy it to mine? A no-cd crack would work.

Are your computers networked? Just share your wife’s DVD drive and install from there, then run the nocd. Or else do what I did: download and install the prirated version, then buy a copy for the manual. Just make sure you get the one that actually has a printed manual, or you’ll end up feeling like a sucker.

Got it.