Civilization VI


The game engages me. Steam tells me I’ve played 72 hours. But I’d hate to recommend the game because there’s a good chance it won’t tick the right boxes for you. For a builder playstyle, the game is decent. It tries new things. But when it comes to matters of diplomacy and warfare, the game and series has taken a number of backward steps. Beyond that, there are little things too that just infuriate me. My latest is method for score calculation at the end of the game. It’s petty, but the game doesn’t reward a higher score for finishing quickly, nor does it factor in difficulty. Add to that the lack of Hall of Fame to track my successful games I’ve completed. Why Firaxis, why am I thinking of setting up an excel spreadsheet tab for my board gaming log to track my Civ VI scores at the end.


I really miss the end of game review where one could see the ebb and flow of the game across the map as the game progressed.


As 1 obsessed with even just local HoFs in my games, that is a pisser.


I haven’t seen if it has been fixed with the DLC, or maybe it is a resolution problem. But when I review the graphs for my game at the end, pre-DLC I ended up with a tiny graph at the top of the screen and a heap of dead/unused space that could have been better utilised.

I hate to sound like a whinger, I know that’s exactly what I’m doing because this is minor bullshit. The game does have other issues. I just don’t know what they are thinking in the development process. On the whole, everytime I’ve seen a video where they talk about some feature or other with Civ, it always is early game, the best part of the game. Maybe Firaxis actually need to spend some time in the latter stages actually completing games to see how much the experience changes. Or maybe they have and decided it is fine when it really isn’t.


So far the expansion is a collection of half baked ideas, and half of those half baked ideas is stuff the game didn’t need (more fiddly bits that don’t address fundamental flaws in the game).

Governors- One or two are massively better than the others. A no brainer choice.

Loyalty- The only somewhat positive change. No longer can the AI rush two dozen spaces to settle tiny gaps in your territory. More gradual expansion is encouraged. Unfortunately there are 2 big problems with this mechanic. First, as usual, the AI has no clue that it exists and will continue to try and settle right up in your face only to have the city rebel 10 turns later. Second, it makes capturing cities a MASSIVE pain. Capture a city, have it rebel a few turns later before you can even establish a governor there. You either conduct total salt the earth warfare or not at all.

Ages- A total dud. There is almost no noticeable difference between dark ages and normal ages. In fact dark ages might actually be better. The era points scoring is all off (you will be stuck in permanent early dark ages if you try playing without barbarians or goodie huts) and for some reason they decided to keep the scoring criteria hidden from the player. You have to keep a separate window open with the score system and alt+tab out to consult it. Ridiculous.


Anyway else having a problem saying the game isn’t connected to the internet, when it is? Can’t get to my cloud saves. Worked fine 2 days ago.

Edit: Seems to be related to today’s patch. Went to my desktop, everything worked fine. Patched it, and now it won’t connect either.


Every era score is listed in the Civilopedia under the Historic Moments tab.


Thanks for the feedback folks I think I am gonna wait another sale season or two for a few more expansions. The deciding factor was while looking at previews I was reminded of that leader art, it may seem trivial but I really have a hard time with that big head cartoony look.

Thanks again for the info though!


I’m not a huge fan of the art style either.

But worse for me are the usually cool historical quotes you get for unlocking tech, which are uniformly terrible in this version. I used to love those!

And Sean Bean is no Nimoy - do not like, unfortunately you can’t disable him without turning off all other voices in the game too. :)


Those quotes are still my fave bit of Alpha Centauri. Sooo good.


Civ6 has hardlocked my relatively new Win10 computer TWICE in two days. I didn’t even know programs even COULD hardlock Windows 10 anymore. Once was in a game just clicking on stuff. The second was after creating a brand new game. All-in-all I’m not impressed with Rise and Fall. The AI is still pretty stupid. There is one great governor, one good governor, one below average governor, and the rest are absolute trash. If I cared more I’d throw up a quick hack to make them better but I don’t. Ages? Meh. Loyalty? Good idea. Decently executed. Whatever, it’s a distraction from my current awesome Temple+ modded playthrough of Temple of Elemental Evil (loving it).


I have to say that I really like all the improvements, and wish that some of the interface stuff should have been patched into the core game. But it has really cut down on the number of things that annoyed the hell out of me (the constant raiding barbarians, the overwhelming wave of religious units, etc) and made things more interesting. As someone who only finished a single game of Civ VI in one year, I’m finding myself drawn in.


That goes triple for the super lengthy and awful leader intros every time you start or load a game that you cannot turn off. It’s alt+tab out every time I have to load something.

Well geez. Why weren’t they listed under “historic moments” in the Rise and Fall section?

Those are terribly laid out. Listed by alphabetical order and you have to click on each one to see the score? You should be able to see the score from the menu, and the conditions should be categorized (ancient era, military related, city related, tech related, civics related, etc).

Or just scrap it entirely because it doesn’t really add anything to the game once you do figure it out. The only decent addition is loyalty for introducing a way to deal with settling aggression other than heavily penalized war declaration. But they desperately need to fix how it works with newly conquered cities.

For governors you have the research one that you’ll always pick, the industry one you’ll always eventually pick, and the border expansion one you might pick solely for the border expansion bonus and nothing else. All others are garbage. Especially laughable governor abilities are the +30% production towards government plaza (you mean the district that you’re limited to building ONCE in your entire civilization?), the double commercial district adjacency bonus for one city (that’s capped at +2?), and the +3 gold per foreign trade route moving through that city (how the fuck are you supposed to know that?).


I wish they would reuse quotes from the earlier games. I get wanting to use new stuff for each game and I am totally fine with a new narrator, but retreads are preferable to some of the, let’s be generous and say “suboptimal,” quotes for some (lots?) of the techs in this one.


I have to confess I know someone who’s quoted in the game, so I’m a little biased on this front.

That said, I know someone who’s quoted in this game and that lack of historical gravity associated with some of the quotes is a valid criticism. I like them, but I hear you.


this… I feel the same way. It totally takes the cool, historical reality out of the game and makes it into some random cartoon :(


Hmm, I really like the leaders, thing they do a great job of showing emotion.


I’ll focus more on that next time I play :)


I kind of wish they’d have the leaders change garb based on their era. Sure, a lot more work, but I think it’d be fascinating to see ancient leaders in modern garb (and vice versa) and give more emphasis on the changing times.


I like the look of the leaders too. It seems fitting since Civ’s always been cartoony and a bit humorous.

I don’t mind the recency of the newer quotes—in fact, I think it’s the quotes from older sources I like the least in VI and I enjoyed the Civ IV quotes from the Velvet Underground and the one where Nimoy makes beeping sounds in imitation of Sputnik. I just don’t think they fit as well with the techs as the ones in previous installments. And maybe the person you know is one of the newer ones that I like. Most of the wonder quotes are good, so I assume the issue is that they are opting for third-choices for the techs at this point.